Grand theft auto

Grand Theft Vehicle VI: Take

The Grand Theft Car VI Leakage and also the connected stolen source code for the game is currently hitting large waves. The extent and also the damage can not yet be weighed up, however Take-Two Interactive is to delete as numerous video clips as feasible from the Internet. Accounts that have published the swiped material are also banned.

In any type of instance, Grand Theft Vehicle VI has actually just been postponed for an uncertain period by the theft of the resource cod as well as the spread of the dripped video clips till the entire point has actually calmed down.


Nevertheless, since it is a game that is still in growth, all plans can still alter. With regard to the stolen source code, the huge leakage with over 90 video clips and also a lot extra, it is difficult to approximate what Take-Two Interactive finishes with Grand Theft Automobile VI and also whether the manufacturing may be completely canceled as well as begun by the new.

The leakage appears to confirm that Grand Theft Automobile VI will play in Vice City and also will additionally include a protagonist for the very first time, which should validate the records from Bloomberg.

So it ought to be clear that the leaked product is actual and also there was really a very early Alpha variation of Grand Theft Car VI on the video clips.