To Sebastian Polter: Antimax also changes to Königsblau

The 21-year-old complies with the Bundesliga professional Sebastian Porter.
The striker had switched over from Bochum to Königsberg throughout the summer break and recently scored his very first hit against VFL.
The typical course of both now proceeds in a somewhat different means.
Because Eggenkämper had been under contract with Porter’s eSport group SP9 ESP ORS till he switched to the narrow.

Schalke responds to departures

In the royal blue, which had permeated the FIFA Club Globe Mug to the quarter-finals, ‘Antimax’ should compensate for the departure of Hasan ‘Has’ Ever and also Julius ‘July’.

They had actually made their last appearance for the Schalke at the FEC WC in Copenhagen.
Just how the recently developed group of the miners in the Online Bundesliga will be observed in a couple of weeks.

On November 15 and 16, the initial match day of the VBL period 2022/23 will occur, in which a record number of teams will occur.