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343 Industries and the community share new material on the original RTS version of Halo

343 Industries continues to dig in Halo’s legacy. The Halo Digsite project is an internal work of the team for restoring original content throughout the more than 20 years of the teacher’s career. Recently the study h shared its progress with the original RTS version of 1999 , before it w renewed towards the first-person shooter.


The material appears part of an extensive video of the Halo Modders community. You can see the Halo Digsite segment between 1:15:00 and 1: 25: 00 . The first part shows elements that were unknown so far, such the alternative designs of the sault rifle, the Spartan turret, the Scorpion and the Covenant shuttle. We can also see the appearance of the elites energy shield before the change of tone.

On the other hand, the second part shows something that they already advanced lt July. The well-known halo 2 in E3 2003 is being restored using the halo modification kits: The Mter Chief Collection. The goal is to rebuild the pieces and make it available to players a completely playable level. But for this there is still no concrete date.

Where does this content come from?

In the dark depths of the intranet of 343 Industries there is a folder without light, devoid of hope, full of corruption in which even the floods go back afraid. It contains treures for those brave to explore their depths and ruins of old dreams and references. Your name? \ Share \ Halo1 , explained alex wakeford, writer of the community team in 343 industries. in this entrance of Halo Waypoint shared the team’s address in relation to the historical content of the saga. The only thing is that they will take their time to reach the public; It will continue to develop a niche project in parallel to Halo Infinite.