Pokemon: These horror short films show how scary the Pokemon

The world of the Pokémon tends to be very scary. Even if things are usually very cute in the games, mighty, supernatural beings are fighting against each other with incredible skills. What if these critters actually just live in our world and, for example, appear under a bridge in the middle of the night? Some very successful Pokémon go short films are now showing how creepy this can look. They make you want a found footage horror film with the pocket monsters.

Pokémon GO advertising lets us freeze the blood in the veins

Imagine that you would run to the subway at night-and then the Ultrabesty Anego is floating in front of you under a bridge. But that was not all: then the jellyfish-like cattle come towards you and then you will find that many of them fly around in the night sky.

If that doesn’t look threatening , I don’t know either. Perhaps only the huge voltriant that sits on a house wall, the night fills with flash lights and apparently sucks the electricity on a house wall. That has really nasty vibes, as we know them from Godzilla films.

But it is best to look at the short video clips in the found footage style yourself:

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Of course, this stimulates the imagination: From recordings like this, a whole film could be knit with ease. He could use the Cloverfield or the Blair Witch project templates and become properly creepy.

Of course, a somewhat more family and child-friendly variant could also be brought on the way. But a real found footage strip that revolves around the creepiest Pokémon would be a welcome horror alternative to the other Pokémon fabric.

** Why the whole? Gradually, among other things, through the films visible here, among other things.

How do you like the short films? What would you think of a Pokémon horror film?