2D horizontal scroll ACT Chen Sok Love PC/Overseas Console released for Overseas Console! The Japanese version will be released in October

Publisher Aurora Punks/Curve Games and Developer Pixadome have released 2D horizontal scrolling action Chen Soke Love .

This work is a 2D horizontal scrolling action game containing rogue-like elements, where girls, adventurers, and Androids, such as Androids, confront alien troops with intense actions using chainsaws and hammer. The protagonists of the protagonists have different skills, skills, and combos, so it is important to make choices according to their own play style.


In the story mode, the story progresses along with comic-style productions. There are also various types of bonus areas and events on randomized maps, and there are places where you can strengthen your character at the expense of physical strength.

Chen Socrab, which supports solo or local cooperative play, is being distributed overseas for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The Japanese version will be released in October 2022 for PS4/Nintendo Switch from Puplisher BEEP. It is unknown whether there is a response to Japanese in other platforms.