How to get beets at Cult of the Lamb

Beetroot is one of many different seeds that you can collect and use on your farm in the cult of the lamb. Cult of the Lamb is an adventure game in which you can create your own cult and go to different regions to create a loyal community of followers who will spread your word.

Each community of cultists needs agriculture, and the lamb cult is not an exception to this rule. The farmer section is one of the first buildings that the lamb can be built in the headquarters, and when it comes to agriculture, the seeds are necessary.

This leadership will tell you how to find beetroot seeds in the cult of the lamb and what are the main ways to find different seeds in the game.

How to find seeds in Cult of the Lamb

The game allows you to purchase seeds for your farm in several different ways. All these methods were briefly discussed below.



Of the enemies you kill, things like bones and meat often fall out. In the same way, by squinting plants and even modest grass, you will get vegetables, flowers and exactly what you need: seeds.


Many respected sellers are scattered in this game, and some of them even sell seeds. A specific seller who comes to mind is the one that appears right at the gate of an anchordip.


If the lamb builds a statue of offers, sectarians can leave any object as a gift to you at random. Nevertheless, you are likely to receive gold and building materials, since the receipt of seeds as a suggestion is rare.

how to find beetroot seeds

Beetroil seeds are a high-level vegetable in the lamb cult, which the lamb will not see until an anchordip or silk cradle reaches, but you can still buy it from merchants. You can get beet seeds as a chest in Anchordeep.

Beetroot seeds look like two small beets with black dots. When they ripen completely and will be ready to collect the crop, they will have characteristic large leaves.

Beetroot plants are good as unpretentious food with some healthy properties. This is the main component of a magnificent mixed dinner, a recipe, which with a 100 percent probability increases loyalty and prevents the cultist from spreading disagreements.