Hojedan, bioshock drama, hit director is directed

Netflix’s original game drama and BioShock were published in succession. Both producers have a hitting experience, so they are looking forward to it.

First, the drama of Horizon Zero Dunn is played by Steve Blackman, who created Netflix’s Dark Hero drama . Umbreler Academy is a comic drama co-authored by the band My Chemical Romance’s vocalist cartoonist Gerard Way.

In the case of Season 1, the Umbreller Academy was reported to be 45 million people, or 75%of Netflix subscribers around the world as of April 2019. Season 2 also proved its popularity by recording 43 million viewers in 28 days. There is also an expectation that the drama painting of Horizon Zero Dungeon will be able to succeed.


Meanwhile, Steve Blackman, who is also a writer, has a career in the WGA Awards for the Black Comedy Drama Season 2. He has worked as a writer or general producer in several episodes in dramas such as Alter de Carbon, Region, Las Vegas, and Bonds.

Steve Blackman also showed his feelings of directing Horizon Zero Dunn in an interview with Netflix’s own media. In the interview, Two Doom asked Steve Blackman why he wanted adaptation to Horizon Zero Dungeon, the good point of the original story, and whether it would appear as an Ailo or hero.

Steve Blackman first said, It is a very well-made work full of wonderful characters that are not found in the game world’s common Rank-and-File characters. Guerrilla Games has been amazingly rich and vividly drawn to the virtual world where humans and machines are on the path of destruction.

And young female warrior Ale Roy saves them without being aware of themselves. In short, the main character of the drama is also Ale Roy. I am very pleased to be able to expand the wonderful IP to me and Michelle Robetta, who are co-writing this script to a series that everyone can see.

Next, Netflix announced on the 25th that the director Francis Lawrence, who directed the Hunger Games series, became a producer of the BioShock drama. The script was played by Michael Green, who wrote scenarios such as Blade Runner 2049 and Logan.

The Hunger Games series, the original novel of the same name, was produced in a total of four trilogy from 2012 to 2015, and Francis Lawrence was the first and second directors of two and three. Francis Lawrence’s three works have been successful, earning about 2.5 trillion won worldwide.

Interestingly, Francis Lawrence is also a director who mainly created ‘adaptation’. Constantine, I am Legend, Water For Elegant, and 2018, which were produced before Hunger Games, are based on novels and cartoons.