ONE PICE ODYSSEY: Luffy and also the straw hat pirates in the traditional RPG

The straw hat gang breaks down to brand-new adventures and also you can still become part of One Puel Odyssey in 2022. We looked at the Japanese role-playing game at Gamescom as well as tell you how much gum tissue gum activity is in it.

This additionally applies to harmonizing: In the program of gamescom, a small excerpt was revealed that need to show as numerous game technicians as possible. For this function, opponents from the first location could be easily surprised, because the personalities were completely rescinded and geared up with numerous abilities . According to Bandai Namco, this problem does not show the final score, but however additionally makes it difficult for us to judge the harmonizing.

Bandai Namco used Gamescom 2022 to offer its varied profile. We dropped straight to One Pipe Odyssey, which the designers describe as an original RPG and also once again sent out an adventure with Luffy, Nami, Zorro and also Co. After the 15-minute demo, we can not state specifically how much timeless role-playing game truly is in the end.

plays various personalities of the straw hat gang!

The members of the straw hat gang are struck hard by a tornado on their journeys, which is badly harmed by their precious ship, the Thousand Sunny . Captain Ruffy is not just puzzled on an unknown financial institution, yet additionally al1. Your journey begins with Luffy on a harmful island to find the rest of the team and discover the strange damages.

EIICHIRO ODA , the inventor of both manga as well as the anime One Item, was hired for the style of brand-new characters as well as monsters. He also got involved in the tale. Perfect for everybody that has actually inhaled his many mangas as well as can not get sufficient of the anime. As a result of this collaboration, historical hairs and also new figures will fit well right into the huge world of One Piece. The developers describe the game as JRPG therefore a dramatic adventure we expect some twists in history.

As Bandai Namco has already exposed, this time you not just get on the function of Ape D. Luffy, however also might also play the various other participants of the straw hat gang. In addition to the leader, Zorro, Nami, Lysop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky as well as Creek exist as playable personalities . There are also two brand-new characters, which we have actually not yet had the ability to look at. Throughout the short demonstration session at Gamescom 2022, nevertheless, we were just enabled to manage Luffy.

In an interview, producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki clarifies that famous support was likewise brought on board with the development.

usage character-specific skills to discover

On Waford, an island specially made for the game, you start the role-playing video game with Monkey D. Ruffy. As quickly as you have actually discovered a few of your personalities, you can check out the island of Waford also better, as some areas for Luffy are closed alone.

Thus far we have actually only had the ability to examine a portion of these functions ourselves, however we can well imagine that they give selection in day-to-day journey. Because of this, the developers can control the development of the video game well regardless of the big world and also you will probably never ever discover on your own in a location that is (still) too hefty. If the straw hat ribbon returns to a first area at a later day, unique might likewise be found .

round-based battles with the straw hat pirates

If you have already played various other one-piece video games, you are sure to be used to the activity genre and the lightning-fast battles as well as button mashing. Please fail to remember that completely below. Since One Publo Odyssey sends out the straw hat pirates right into round-based fights-perfect for a function play.

In principle, the gameplay was actually enjoyable right here. Because the balancing in the fights remains in solid discrepancy, we do not wish to put our hand in the virtual fire for the enjoyable assurance of the fights. Visually, the fights most definitely make a whole lot!

As you understand from various other RPGs, the team participants have different alternatives available in the battle. Along with the normal attacks, every number can work regular of character. Nico Robin makes use of the abilities of her evil one fruit for devastating assaults with her arms, while Zorro unboxes the coolest sword abilities. As well as Luffy can of course use his Equipment skills. Since the skills are all animated, the flair promptly originates from the anime.

opinion of Franziska Behner

For this function, challengers from the first area might be conveniently blowed away, since the personalities were entirely reversed as well as outfitted with many skills . The members of the straw hat gang are struck hard by a storm on their travels, which is terribly harmed by their precious ship, the Thousand Sunny . EIICHIRO ODA , the developer of both manga as well as the anime One Piece, was recruited for the design of brand-new characters and beasts. Unique may also be found if the straw hat bow returns to a preliminary location at a later day.

The action video games in the One Item Universum have so much been mostly for hardcore fans of the franchise business. As well as also one pipe odyssey is clearly aimed at fans of the anime .

As one Item fan, I especially like the depictions in battle, which merely pure anime sensation . The computer animations are pretty great and if the balancing is also reasonably successful, I anticipate several hrs filled with fighting against XXL penguins as well as several brand-new Oda-San creatures.

The check out the globe , nevertheless, still makes me a little stomach discomfort. At first, the concept is wonderful to alter areas easily accessible with different numbers. Unfortunately, anime games usually get involved in information as well as the game world continues to be empty. I am extremely excited to see exactly how it will really feel in a longer video game session.

And additionally one pipe odyssey is plainly intended at fans of the anime .