Final Fantasy XIV

How the elements work in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy bases its combat system on various elements due to their unique properties.


Each weapon that you find in the game will have one element, and since each element is unique, it becomes important to understand the properties of all elements: their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a smart player, you will always have at least one weapon of each type of element. This will allow you to choose the right weapon (and element) for use against a particularly strong enemy.

To find out the spontaneous weakness of the enemy, just look at his health strip. On the right side there will be a symbol of the element. This is an element to which the enemy is weak. Therefore, switch to a weapon having a certain element, and chop.

List of Fantasy Tower Elements

In total, Tower of Fantasy has four elements, at least in the global version. Aberration is technically the fifth element in the game, but remains exclusive for the Chinese version. Since the global version is the most affordable, we will only talk about the main four elements.

  • Fire
  • Physical
  • Ice
  • Volt


The fire element fries the enemies to the ground, causing damage from combustion over time. In addition, enemies in fire have 50 percent less healing, which makes it a convenient element for use against bosses that love to be treated until complete health.

When you do not fight enemies, the fire will come in handy to burn the grass around you in the environment. You can also burn spikes in the world to open the way to bonus awards.

The best characters for the fire element

  • Cobalt B has an increased fire from fire by 15%.
  • Ruby has 20% more fiery damage with at least two fire guns.


Physical, probably the best element if you want to inflict huge damage. Nevertheless, you will need to own combat mechanics in the game.

The physical element causes heavy damage to enemies. When your ruthless weapon is completely charged, the damage from the next attack increases by 100 percent. This, along with an increase in your total damage by 20 percent for seven seconds.

You must rely on physical weapons, if you do not know about the elementary weakness of enemies. The physical effect works with almost all types of enemies, especially with large health reserves.

The best characters for physical elements

  • Mark

  • Claudia
  • Lira has a 20 percent increase in physical damage with at least two physical weapons.


The ice element freezes your enemy for a short period or about two seconds. It may look like a small window, but with the right composition you can apply tons of damage in the same two seconds.

Please note that your enemy will receive 110 percent damage when he gets out of a frozen state. In addition, the charge rate of their weapons will also be reduced by 50 percent. Therefore, think wisely when you freeze the enemy. They will be strengthened in two seconds.

The best characters for the icy elements

  • Saki has 20% more ice damage with at least two ice guns.


The Volta element paralyzes your enemy for a second, and then kills it with electric shock, causing periodic damage within six seconds. During the shock, the enemy will not be able to receive or use any buffs.

Some high-level enemies in Tower of Fantasy can apply buffs to reduce damage on their tank characters. The use of a volt element guarantees that they will remain weak over the next few seconds.

The best symbols for the Volt element

  • Nemesis has a 20 percent increase in volt damage with at least two-volt weapons.