Grand theft auto

The initial developer of the GTA series, the GTA development video more than 25 years ago, was deleted by copyright infringement. I am frustrated by Rockstar

One of the initial developers of the Grand THEFT AUTO (GTA) series, Mike Dailly, released the first prototype video on his YouTube channel, and seems to have been claimed to have been copied by Rockstar Games. 。 Overseas media VGC reports.

The GTA series is an open world climb action game with a total of over 375 million series sales from Rockstar Games. MIKE DAILLY is one of the founders of DMA Design, the predecessor of Rockstar North, which is developing the GTA series, and was involved in the development of the early GTA series and the development of the puzzle action Lemings. be.

On August 21, DAILLY reported on his Twitter that a Prototype video of GTA posted on YouTube had been filed by Rockstar Games. I see Rockstar Are Going Full Fuckers Mode Again (RockStar Games is another fool’s full-opening mode, including the video about GTA, including the video posted. It seems that he was irritated. He has been critical, saying that Rockstar Games is trying to seal all works created by the game and the publication of old-fashioned images created in the development of games.

What was posted on YouTube was a prototype video about the first series released in 1997. The question this time was two videos, a video that looks down on the initial design of the city from directly above and a picture of the city from a diagonal perspective. The former video was created in the latter half of 1994. The so-called GTA1 in the first series was not a 3D open world game as the current third-person perspective, but a form of operating cars and characters from a 2D viewed view from directly above. It was a video that felt the early stage of the series because it was the prototype movie of the same work, but it is now deleted from DAILLY’s YouTube channel.

After that, DAILLY’s emotions do not seem to stop, and all images related to the development of GTA have been deleted from their YouTube channel and inspired the evolution of the series that are not used in the work. Post only the work. At the end of the post, You Can Tokyo Rocksuck. He also posts the cover of the design of the design, along with the word GTA design documents on 10 pages that never see the sun’s eyes again, and appeals the sadness of this one.


DAILLY’s YouTube channel has posted videos related to the games they have created and the DMA Design office, so that they will leave the footprints of game development for fans and backwards rather than earning profits. It looks like you are posting a video.

Nevertheless, it would not be possible to overlook the submitting of the original series IP materials on YouTube, which is also important for Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games has rights for GTA materials. On the other hand, these materials are also valuable. I hope that Rockstar Games will release the trajectory of the development of the series as a formal material from the video that has been deleted this time.

Rockstar Games has officially published in February this year that a new GTA series is under development (related article). This is where I want to look forward to it.