Basic play free arena FPS Quake Champions official release. Finally after early access distribution of 5 years

Bethesda Softworks officially released the Arena FPS Quake Champions on August 19. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Microsoft Store).

Quake Champions is the latest work of Quake series by jointly developing ID Software and Saber Interactive. It is a so-called arena FPS with elements such as defeating enemies while bouncing, weapons are placed on the map. While inheriting the high-speed battle of the series, the characters used Champion also incorporate new elements, such as having unique abilities and attributes. The highly competitive game system is designed to be used in competition scenes by professionals and amateurs, including e-sports.

This work started a closed beta test (CBT) for Bethesda.net Launcher in April 2017. Early access distribution started for Steam in August of the same year. In June 2018, free early access is opened for a limited time. From August 2018, it will be distributed free to all players. Regarding the reason why it was not officially released at the time of free distribution, the developer commented that the content at the time was inadequate for the official release (IGN).

And today, five years have passed since the CBT and early access distribution started, and the Quake Champions has finally become an official release. On the Steam store page, the description of the early access game has disappeared, and the release date is today. Since 2018, this work has been distributed for free, we have repeated several large updates. In addition to champions, weapons, and map adjustments, content has been expanded, with multiple new maps added.


The official release of this time was distributed in the form of adding titles provided for PC GAME PASS announced at Quakecon 2022. Quakecon is an event held by Zenimax Media every year. As a new PC GAME PASS title, multiple titles such as Quake 4 have been added. In addition, Quake Champions: Champions Pack is also provided for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The pack allows all Champion and Ultimate Perk to unlock.

Behind the official release of Quake Champions is that the amount of content has been secured with multiple updates. And it may be related to the fact that Quakecon was greeted in the fifth year, the milest1. In addition, the Quake series is often seen as the ancestor of arena FPS. I would like to focus on the new announcement following the latest series, Quake Champions, which was the official debut.

Quake Champions is being distributed to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store).