When is One season 3

Fans have been waiting for an announcement about One Punch Man Season 3 since the second installment arrived in 2019. Fortunately, a new update has finally given us detailed information about when we can expect the last story of the series. Discover When season 3 of One Punch Man comes out and what could happen next for the heroes of history.


The long-awaited One Punch Man Season 3 has officially started production. With an unknown launch date . However, more information will be announced on the anime website and the official SNS later to reveal the details about its epic arrival.

Fans could still glimpse the art of the next installment that shows Saitama and a red-haired garou, possibly hinting at a confrontation between the two characters in the future.

The last time we saw the characters in season 2, we stayed with a suspense that will undoubted Lord Orochi.

Now that the production has begun, we can see what this Lord Orochi has planned for the anime heroes and if Saitama will meet his rival.

So, there you have it, this is when one One Punch Man will come out, and you can expect more information about its launch once an update arrives. To get more anime content, you can consult this Trivia questionnaire of One Punch Man, the advance of DLC and a review of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

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