Nintendo testers faced sexual harassment

This year some comments against Nintendo have come to light, this by employees and former employees who experienced some form of abuse when they fulfilled their positions in the company. Now, a Tester that left the company a couple of years ago, he says that his experience was not entirely gratifying due to cases considered murky.

The first thing that happened was the integration of memes through a private chat that the workers of Redmond Washington had, since they shared this space of Microsoft Teams known as The Laughing Zone . Place where they published memes and talked about funny, this until a new member arrived that shared the controversial case of Vaporaeon and also that of Paimon of Genshin Impact (on sexual issues).

This of course bothered the Tester to other colleagues. Becoming so annoying that he left the company, even when it was her dream to be part of her. Here her statement:

Nintendo was almost like a nightmare. It’s sad because I love Nintendo; I grew up with Nintendo. I was so excited to join when I arrived there for the first time and thought I would go somewhere. My supervisors told me I was doing a good job.

On her part, another of the reasons that led her to the resignation was the salary gap that was somewhat diminished in the female sex. She also mentioned that she fought to affirm her financial value while she tested the games. After working for nine years, she discovered that a younger contractor in her test department earned $ 19 per hour while she $ 16. She fought for a salary increase for several weeks before she finally obtained $ 18. Many women renounced due to the absence of the increase.

Returning to the sex incident of the chat. She mentioned that her chat companions blamed her for denouncing the incident and the only impact facing the culprit was an assignment of training on sexual harassment. Aerotek (mediating company) had previously fired one of her contractors for commenting on the color of the tester’s underwear, but the group of the group chat was a full-time employee of Nintendo * *. That meant that plant employees could only be handled by their own Nintendo **.

There was a full-time employee who constantly made really disgusting jokes and comments, but he was a friend of everyone there. Everyone loved him. We no longer liked these jokes. But we didn’t say anything because if you did, they would cross out too sensitive.


For now, important people such as Doug Bowser have not gone to give statements about it.