The monster battle game GIGABASH has been distributed, but the price setting of the PS4/PS5 version is incorrect. Price setting troubles in the following PS Store

On August 5, Malaysia’s indie game studio, Passion Lipbrick Games, launched Gigabash, the company’s first IP. The compatible platform is PS4/PS5/PC (Steam/Epic Games store). However, in the PS Store, the price is higher than that of the distributor, and the distributor seems to be busy with the response.

GIGABASH is a battle-type action game where huge monsters and heroes fight. It is said to be inspired by games such as monster movies and Power Stones and Super Smash Bros. series. Players will fight by manipulating the monster Titan who woke up from the ground and the giant mechanisms against it. There are up to four people with a Deathmatch with up to four people, a 2-on-two tag battle, and a one-on-one duel mode. Other offline, there are single player mode and party mode consisting of many mini-games.

Titan’s design in the work is reminiscent of monster movies, and on the battlefield, there is a building district with a Japanese signboard. From such a part, you can feel the love for Japanese special effects such as Godzilla and Ultraman. On the other hand, the giant mecha, a playable character, has a hero series chic design, and if it is large, it will be the attraction of this work.

This work has been distributed today, but it has been announced by the PS Store’s distribution price in PS Store. The price is 7590 yen for PS Store and 4180 yen for Steam. The developer explained, This is a mistake here, and the price setting of the PS store has been increased by $ 15 more than the intended intended. Certainly, it is in a state where prices have occurred not only in Japan but also in overseas PS Store. Immediately after the distribution started, some players have noticed that the price of the PS Store and Steam sells, and Passion Republic Games has responded to such questions.


It is said that this is due to the mistake of passion republic games, and it is currently being corrected in cooperation with the SIE side. The specific response to the players purchased at the price before the correction has not been officially announced in Japan, but the official Twitter English account states that we will inform you again as soon as it is revised. In addition, the official Twitter account for domestic users, I would like to respond to the compensation for the difference in one form, but confirm that Sony is the system. We are there.

The mistake of setting the price in the PS Store just happened just a week ago (related article). Specifically, the distribution was suspended by the price setting mistake in Lost Epic. The delivery has been resumed on the same day. Prior to Lost Epic, there is a similar case in Fuga on the battlefield. Both, including the Gigabash, have occurred among manufacturers with little experience as a publisher. From this series of issues, it may be possible that the developer has been designed to make mistakes in setting the PS Store price. In any case, it is a grudge for the seller. I hope that these price setting mistakes will be reduced.

Gigabash is being distributed on PS4/PS5/PC (Steam/Epic Games store). Regarding PS4/PS5, I would like to wait for the announcement of the official price correction.