Red dead redemption 2

DEAD BY Daylight Statue images on display are arrived one after another! The murderer Spirit is also a generator

GECCO has released an image of a sample product of the statue of the statue, which is currently being produced.


The DEAD BY Daylight stew, which has been released, is on display at COMIC-CON International: SAN DIEGO, which started on July 21, local time. The Execu Shonor, which has already been reserved for bean torpedo and is approaching September, has been released in September, and Lobby The Rabbit, which is scheduled to be released sequentially in July, has been released for each color.

In addition, images of factory sample products of Spirit are also released. The limbs cut with a small trick are also reproduced, and we plan to start accepting reservations shortly after a few adjustments. In addition, there is an image of the color sample of the generator, which is a symbol of Dead by Daylight alongside the murderer. This is in the reference exhibition, but depending on the request, we will consider statuing, and the image when arranged with the statue of the same scale murderer is also published.

Please refer to the official page for details of the DEAD BY Daylight statu by GECCO.