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Mass Effect 3 may have been different

Mass Effect is a legendary saga of Bioware that many remember with love, especially for their first two releases that are considered masterpieces of the industry. However, the third part did not like a criticism or fans, and now it is revealed that at least the part of the script could have been completely different.

This statement was given by one of the game’s scriptwriters, Drew Karpyshyn, through a question and answers session that was carried out neither more nor less than in the forums of Reddit . Confirming that the galaxy was going to have a kind of sacrifice with the reapers, but having this end could spoil a possible continuation with the same cast of characters.

Here the comments of Karpyshyn :

We plan some very general ideas. Basically, they were based on the fact that they would have to attract the re1s to detonate the entire network and eliminate it. But that would also destroy and damage the base, so that all galactic communities would have been isolated from each other. We had to solve those details and there would be problems if we took the option, including another future game.

With this statement, we now know that Mass Effect could have had a somewhat more memorable outcome, but for script reasons the change implemented at the end is logical. However, an alternative ending species would have been thanked for history, and put as an excuse that the Canon option was the one in which there were no sacrifices.

Remember that the trilogy in its remastering version is available in PS4, Xbox One and PC .