[Journalist Handbook] Prospect or Hope of Exchange on Bitcoin Price

As the virtual asset market, which has been stagnant since May, enters the phase, the industry is attracting attention when the virtual asset prices will be shifted to the rise.

Recently, some virtual asset exchanges have published analysis that predicted the time to rise. There are other parts in detail, but there are many opinions that virtual asset investment will expand after next year.

These analysts have used various information and various analysis techniques by each researcher who has gained outstanding career in the financial sector. There are many basis for supporting the prospects, and as it is the biggest concern for investors, there were many cases of contents. It was because someone decided that it would be a reference for virtual asset investment.

Investors are generally cynical about market analysis reports issued by virtual asset exchanges. Neither analyzed the changes in interest rate policies in the US Federal Reserve, tools to technically analyze virtual asset prices, and analysis of macroeconomic factors were not convincing.

There is a reason for this reaction from virtual asset investors. Investors think that there is a ‘trick’ in the analysis of the exchange. If you buy now, it reflects the willingness to increase the stagnant trading volume by presenting a rosy future that will benefit from the future.

This doubt is hard to get completely unless the analysis is a virtual asset exchange. It is a business that depends greatly depending on the prices of virtual assets. No matter how carefully you claim that Crypt To Winter is over, it is more likely to be seen as hope rather than a prospect. It is also doubtful that almost all reports contain the market situation in the long run.

Similarly, the securities industry report, which analyzes stocks, a risky asset, also tends to be somewhat optimistic. However, there is a difference in that it suggests the appropriate price of the stock in detail and the efforts to point out the reason for overheating and investments. This is why stock investors are recommended to read.

Virtual asset exchanges are also designated and guided by investments in accordance with each company’s policy. However, contrary to the prices of prices by bringing various evidence to the prices, the number of investments is not simple. It is understood that the negative mention of the exchange can cause enormous damage to the project. However, this situation is not noticeable for investors who are not reporters. The risk is neglected and seems to be focused only on the prospect of the market price increase that can work on the company.

Exchanges will not release market analysis reports in mind that only the volume of trading volume is in mind. Rather, it is interpreted as part of measures to alleviate the problem of ‘accessibility’, which is common to the blockchain industry. It is a good resource for prospective investors who are interested in the virtual asset market. This is an impression I received when I looked at the topics published.

With the crash of ‘Terra-Luna’, the virtual asset exchange industry has recently been exploring several joint measures to implement strong investor protection measures. I hope this aspect is about this aspect of industry efforts to create a safer investment environment.