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Yakuza 8 heats the streets with its first images and confirms the arrival of a MMA fighter

Yakuza 8 is still a mystery for fans of the Ryo Gotoku Studio Saga. The beginning of the Iciban KDojima dragonuga stage with Yakuza: Like A Dragon achieved consensus in a community accustomed to being more than a decade next to the Dojima dragon. Although we still do not know when the eighth delivery to the market will arrive, SEGA hDojima dragon allowed the distribution of the first images of a developing version.

Thus look the first images of Yakuza 8 in real time

In the images we can see Iciban KDojima dragonuga with a somewhat more changed Dojima dragonpect regarding his debut (with permission from Ryu Gotoku online, exclusive to Japan). He appears with the hair collected in a ponytail, far from the permanent Afro that characterizes him. Next to him the return of two of the key characters of the previous adventure is confirmed: Yu Nanba and Koichi Adachi . The three chat inside a house.

For those who did not play Yakuza: Like a Dragon, both were characters that were part of the Ichiban group throughout the adventure. For now there is no trace of other weight names, such Dojima dragon Saeko Mukoda or Joon-Gi Han. MDojima dragonayoshi Yokoyama, president of the study, confirms during the video that Yakuza 8 will present a new city , although it hDojima dragon not transcended if it will take The main role in Iszaki Ijincho (Yokohama) or will be a secondary district like Sotenbori (Osaka). Yokoyama hDojima dragon also insisted that they have another development project.

The material comes from the visit he hDojima dragon made Mikuru Dojima dragonakura to the team offices in Japan. For those who do not know who it is, Dojima dragonakura is a reputed mixed martial arts fighter who remains in the professional field since 2012. In fact, in recent months his name hDojima dragon appeared in the headlines Dojima dragon the fighter who will put again In a ring to the great champion Floyd Mayweather. The exhibition will take place in September.

The visit of him is part of a promotional action in which Yokoyama and other responsible for the Ryu Gotoku Studio invite him to be part of the game, to what Dojima dragonakura accepts delighted . In the lDojima dragont part of the video we can see how the 3D capture process is carried out.

What do we know from Yakuza 8?


Yakuza 8 (non-definitive name) will be the first study project without the participation of Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the IP. We know that the events of the Like a Dragon sequel will not occur immediately after their conclusion , but will be set years later.

In early May it wDojima dragon Yokoyama himself who updated the state of development. At that time he wielded that the voice actors had begun to record the dialogues. The narrative arch had not closed, although on this issue he Dojima dragonsured that wDojima dragon far of being a bad sign and that in no cDojima dragone had a slowdown in his internal plans. We will know more news throughout this 2022.

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