Oppo and OnePlus: Ban of sales for two cell phones

The Nokia telecommunications service wins a patent dispute against Oppo and OnePlus. This also has consequences for the sale of some smartphones.

Dortmund-In a legal dispute over patents, the Nokia company was right against smartphone manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus. It was about patents related to mobile network technology, in which the international telecommunications group is considered to be market leaders. For the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, the court ruling in this country can lead to a sale of some cell phones.

Nokia wins: Patent dispute at 4G and 5G-Oppo and OnePlus violate patent rights from Nokia

Last year, Nokia raised complaints against the Chinese manufacturer Oppo in four different countries. Then Oppo sued the telecommunications giant in nine different countries. The legal disputes are about patents in the area of mobile network technology 4G (LTE) and 5G. According to T-online, the Chinese cell phone manufacturers violate the so-called standard essential patents (SEP).


Now the company Nokia has sued the smartphone manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus. In front of three German regional courts in the cities of Mannheim, Munich and Düsseldorf, Nokia’s lawsuits received. The Chinese cell phone manufacturers are said to have used patents from Nokia without paying for it, reports chip. Previous negotiations and arbitration had remained unsuccessful.

Nokia wins: dispute over patents in court-Nokia obtains sales stop for competition

The relevant standard essential patents (SEP) ensure the protection of uniform standards and must inevitably be used by manufacturers. Specifically, in the present case, it is about the technology that enables the connection of smartphones to radio masts. Without this procedure, it is not possible to use LTE or 5G network (more about digital at Chinese).

In an official statement by Nokia it says that the companies Oppo and OnePlus used the Nokia patents and sold their smartphones without the necessary licensing by the patent holder. According to Nokia, Oppo refused to agree to the license conditions.

If you are a patent owner, you have an exclusive right to the technology in question and can prohibit the use of it or licensed to other conditions. In this case, the court gave the court right. Oppo and OnePlus now threaten the sales stop of some smartphones. Some judgments can have significant consequences for companies.

Nokia wins: Dispute over patents-Oppo and OnePlus are no longer allowed to sell affected devices

In its judgment, the Mannheim district court announced that Oppo and OnePlus are prohibited from continuing to use Nokia’s standard essential patents in their smartphones, according to T-online. This would pull a sales stop of all the devices affected. The Oppo group has already announced that it will appeal against the judgment. In this case, the Supreme Regional Court in Karlsruhe will decide the legal dispute.

Well-known technology groups such as Lenovo and the car manufacturer Mercedes also had to surrender to Nokia due to the patent rights. Because Nokia holds the most sought-after patents in the 5G seps area due to many years of development and research.

Rubric list picture: © Xinhua/Wang Haizhou/Imago