Stranger Things confirms that Will Byers is gay and is in love with Mike

One of the most beautiful scenes of Stranger Things seThings seasonon 4, but The most beautiful of all , takes place in the back of a rankled van to distribute pizza. A site Things season inhospitable Things season conducive to love, and metaphora that reminds the demaciously bathroom in which the wonderful confessions of Robin and Steve ** occurred in the previous seThings seasonon. On this occThings seasonion the protagonists of the scene are Will Byers and Mike Wheeler, who talk about the latter with eleven and the complicated moment they are going through.

In the sequence we see Will encourage and reThings seasonsure his friend even knowing that he is losing him and that goes against his feelings of him. All while his brother Jonathan, like the viewer, observes the scene by the rearview mirror. At the end of speaking, with Mike calmer and happy, Will gets to cry in silence . And incredible Things season it may seem, there are still people who Things seasonk why.

It is 100% clear that is gay and is in love with Mike , explains Noah Schnapp, the actor who gives life to Will Byers in fiction. Now that it hThings season become older, it hThings season become very real, an obvious thing. But before there wThings season already its arc, only that it advanced slowly. I think it hThings season been done in a precious way because it is very eThings seasony to make a character be Suddenly gay … but the Duffer brothers, the showrunners, have not done so. They have written a real character with a real trip and real pain .

The actor ensures that the idea hThings season been hinting at the first seThings seasonon , when she told how her mother, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), protected her from her father before the divorce of both. It wThings season clarified that she Joyce defended him when her father insulted him and got with him by not to behave like a man . He wThings season always there, but he never really knew. Many wondered if maybe he wThings season only growing more slowly than his friends.

After the rescue of him from the world the reverse and the razanmentes, already in seThings seasonons 2 and 3, WILL wThings season hard for him to fit with the group of friends of him. He did not get acclimatized, especially when the rest were girlfriend and preferred to go out with them to play dragons and dungeons. He just loved his best friends back. Things were like in seThings seasonon 1, when they played D&D in the bThings seasonement. He hThings season since browsing his personal identity problems and hThings season fought to grow and adapt to the institute

Will himself star time. Luckily the thing wThings season fixed in volume 2 with the scene previously mentioned, which explained without words what wThings season not necessary to explain. After her people have approached me and told me that Will hThings season made them feel good. They connected with him because they were also that children. That hThings season made me very happy .

Stranger Things

And now? Will hThings season to be one of the 5 keys to Stranger Things seThings seasonon 5. Its creators have Things seasonsured that it will have a great role and much importance. It is reaching the age Journey is not over. We will take care of playing a very important role in the end .

Noah Schnapp jokes that he hThings season called the Duffer brothers to Things seasonk for an advance of what will happen. Obviously we expect A scene in which he leaves the closet . I also want to see the end of his connection with the rank and how Will finally ends up fitting in the world .

Will his wishes be fulfilled? Will there be a happy ending for Will?