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How to unlock hoplite armor in MHR Sunbreak

Collecting and crafting armor is at the core of Monster Hunter Rise, and Sunbreak is no different in this regard. However, some of the most impressive and effective sets are hidden behind the new follower quests. The Heavy Knight set is one of those that will especially want to get Gunlance and Charge Blade.

Where to find hoplite armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In order to acquire the Hoplite Armor which is part of the Heavy Knight Set, hunters must complete four quests for followers of Arena Master Arlow. These hunts are no joke, so hunters must prepare for each hunt in an appropriate way so that they are not taken immediately.

  • M3: Hidden Resentment
    • Awards Baton of the Royal Order
  • M4: Dust these hunting boots
    • Awards Pledge of the Royal Order
  • M4: Moonlight Espinascapada
    • Unlocks Arlow for support surveys
  • M4: Unknown Invader
    • Reward: Heavy Knight Set.

The Heavy Knight Set is a mixture of armor from various creatures. Hoplite armor can be crafted from the following materials:

  • 16,000g
  • Royal Order Certificate II x1
  • Sturdy Ceanataur Claw x2
  • Monster Slogbon x1
  • Burnt Tough Bone x1

Heavy Knight Skills

  • On GuardArtillery
  • Load projectiles
  • watchdog
  • Offensive Guard
  • Razor sharp
  • Quick plating

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