Guide to Tumbling at the 2-Point Hospital

Tumble Hospital is unlocked once you reach level 5 in Two Point Hospital. Tumble Hospital will also help you unlock Fractured Ward. This guide has all the details related to Tumble Hospital at Two Point Hospital including staff tips, morale management and walkthrough.

Best Two Point Hospital Layout for Tumble Hospital

The best mockup for the Tumble Hospital at Two Point Hospital is the blank mockup. This is because an empty layout can be very useful. Be sure to build spacious fracture wards run by well-trained nurses, as you’ll be dealing with circus incidents a lot of the time.

Drop star targets

1-star hospital


  • Heal 50 patients
  • Healing rate 50%
  • Thermal comfort 60%


  • $10,000
  • K100
  • Flemington (requires a 1-star rating at the University of Mitton)
  • Small radiator

2 star hospital


  • Heal 100 patients
  • Healing rate 70%
    *Hospital cost $1,000,000



  • $20,000
  • K150
  • Large heatsink

3 star hospital


  • Heal 200 patients
  • Healing rate 80%
  • Hospital Cost 2,000,000
  • Thermal comfort 90%


  • $30,000
  • K200
  • Luxury drink machine

Staff Training Tips Tumble

The first thing you need to do is build a practice room. Training of staff at Tumble Hospital is essential. Make your mind about the specific department you want to train your staff.

For Tumble Hospital, you must train your department management and bedside staff. Hiring a third-party coach will hit your budget hard, but if someone is already on your staff, it will help you a lot.

Therefore, assign this particular person to train other department management and bedside staff.

Tumble: how to manage staff morale

Boosting the morale of your staff in any hospital is critical in point to point hospitals. Managing the morale of your employees will help you keep them happy. To increase morale, you can do various things, including giving them a pay raise, giving them breaks, giving them training opportunities, and providing them with tidy lounges.


Ideally, the reception area should face the entrance and the GP’s office should be on the left or right. With some Gold Star reward items, you can level up to level 4 with a coffee maker, a chair, a fire extinguisher, and a radiator. If you are hiring, test your nurse candidates with department experience. The same can be done on the opposite side of the building. You can then start waiting for your first patients by hiring staff for both rooms and the reception area.

Fracture Wards will most likely be needed by your first patient. Making a traction bed is the first step upon arrival. It is best to place the Rift Chamber next to other entrances, as it requires a 4×4 space. Primary targets will require healing speed.

Requires at least one doctor with treatment skills as well as high diagnostic skills. The Clown Clinic occasionally has patients who need to be sent home, but this is not very common.

The doctors you should train should be able to make general diagnoses, and one doctor should be able to perform MEGA scans and use the x-ray room. However, you must teach the same doctor how to diagnose. Normal and Broken Wards will require two Nurses with Ward Skills.