SLAY THE SPIRE developers have separated the Apde and are starting multiple new works. I dont know anything, but the fans boil

Game studio MEGA CRIT seems to have started multiple new works. Despite the unknown details, the new work of the studio, which was very popular with Slay The Spire, seems to have already received high expectations.

Slay The Spire is a deck-building game. Players start a dungeon capture on a fixed deck prepared for each class. While going through the dungeon, you can build your own deck and aim for the deepest part. Permades is used, and it is sometimes called a rogue card game because it has a strong randomity in automatic maps and cards.

The feature of this work is an exquisite game balance. All four existing classes are unique and exquisite. Several feedback has been obtained through early access distribution, and user opinions have been incorporated, and they are well reflected in the game balance. It is now treated as a monument to deck-building games and is extremely popular.

Such MEGA CRIT seems to be currently working on a new work. Reddit users have recently pointed out that I’m working on the next work! I don’t know the details, just know that I’m making it. Nevertheless, more than 200 comments have been received in the thread, and users are joyful.

In fact, Mega Crit has often suggested new development. In December 2020, a person in charge of the studio commented on Reddit that when asked about the future of Slay The Spire, I don’t plan to add any more new characters. When asked about the next work, he said, I’m moving multiple, but I can’t announce it. In Slay The Spire, detailed updates such as bug fixes and Steam Deck optimization have been made, but the last major update is in November 2020. If you think that there is no sound about the update of popular works, it is reasonable to think that there is another project.

The profile statement of the official Twitter account of the studio was actually stated around March this year as I’m working on the next work! However, it seems that no one noticed these changes. Therefore, the Reddit thread may be exciting.


Looking at the profile statement of the Twitter account of MEGA CRIT co-founder Casey Yano, it is described as SLAY THE SPIRE & UNTITITLED PROJECTS, and it seems that multiple projects are moving. In any case, the new work is wrapped in mystery. I hope you can see the craftsmanship shown in Slay The Spire again.