Roglike DICEY DUNGEONS, a large free DLC REUNION, which fights with dice and deck construction. The distribution of the iOS/Android version is also decided

Indie developer TERRY CAVANAGH announced on July 1 the DLC REUNION for the currently distributed deck-built rogue-like game DICEY DUNGEONS . Pc (Steam/Itch.io)/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | The price is free. In addition, the iOS/Android version of this work will be released on the same day.

  • Nintendo Switch version trailer

DICEY DUNGEONS is a rogue game that fought against enemies by diving in dungeons that are automatically generated as a character in dice. The turn-based battle with the enemy uses a card deck and dice, and the status of the card effect is determined by the appearance. In addition, the protagonist’s dice character has multiple occupations, each with unique cards and skills. Obtain a new card to build your own deck, and repeat the battle to the bottom of the dungeon.

The free DLC REUNION announced this time will be a large content that adds six new episodes to this work. In the open screenshot, you can see a place like a shooting studio or a battle on the poolside. In this work, episodes may have special rules, and such elements will probably be introduced in this DLC. The volume will be about 4 to 5 hours. In addition, this DLC has a new song for BGM. CHIPZEL is in charge of composition as in the main story.


And this time, the distribution of the iOS/Android version of this work has been decided. The release for mobile was mentioned during the development of this work, and at that time it was said that the transplant was started shortly after the Steam version was distributed. As a result, transplantation for the console was preceded, and it was officially announced. The game play of this work will be enjoyable on mobile devices.

DICEY DUNGEONS is being distributed to PC (Steam/Itch.io)/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox Game Pass. The free DLC REUNION and iOS/Android version will be distributed on July 7, US time.