So you can send blank in WhatsApp

One of the most used technological tools today are smartphones, which can be downloaded thousands of applications depending on the internal space. And one of the favorite user programs is WhatsApp, messaging service that has not stopped updating since its launch a few years ago.

For their part, there are many users who day by day they manage to discover certain tricks to get the most out of it, and just a way of sending blank messages was released. The hack only serves iPhone , and consists of pasteing a code inside the text box, bears the name of Braille Patter Blank and you can download it in the following link.


Once the code has been copied, it is only a matter of adding it to the chat box and the text will be completely white, it can even be extended the more it sticks sequentially. In addition, it can also be used in Telegram for iPhone and in Messenger Facebook, the latter has no limitations for a single device.

The purpose of this trick is to know if people read the messages sent, since it will become a kind of buzzing in the style of Messenger of Windows. This will prevent the user must give explanations of messages that may not be necessary to send. For its part, it is a way to find out if the receiver has deactivated the blue arrows of the app.