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Pre -reservation and tester recruitment starts, Tower of Fantasy launch

Perfect World Games announced on the 27th that it will start a pre-booking SF Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is scheduled to be released global on PCs and mobile in the third quarter.

Pre-booking will be held on the official website, Naver Game Lounge and Mobile App Store. PC users can apply through the official website, and mobile users are available in Google Play, Apple App Store and One Store.

There is also a test to experience the vast open world fantasy content. From June 27th to July 4th, the test participants will be recruited and the test will be started from July 6th. Participation in the test is available on the official website or Naver Game Lounge.


Meanwhile, the Tower of Fantasy has released the title song music video ‘Salvation’. Based on the electronic melody that matches the fantasy genre, the song contains the story of whether the pioneer who left after the disaster reveals the hidden truth on the tower, leading the world to salvation or ruin.

In the music video, there are many unique replicas such as ‘Mei’, a rose in the ice, a chic ‘Meril’ like an ice rose, a cute naughty ‘Shiro’ It appears.

The Tower of Fantasy is a game with a vast open world of the SF worldview. It is possible to climb mountains, swim in the water, fly in the jet pack, and cross the continent on a biccle.. He also boasts high degree of freedom by solving his mission through adventure, targeting Dine Dungeon with his colleagues, and taking a roller coaster in the amusement park.

For more information on the Tower of Fantasy, please visit the official website or the official Naver game lounge.