How to get gold eagles at War Thunder

Like any other multiplayer market game, War Thunder has a complex purchase system based on several intra-game currencies used to buy various objects. One of the currencies among them are gold eagles. This premium currency is used to buy several exclusive additional materials for the game. At the moment, there are two ways to get several gold eagles. You can either spend real money through a game store or participate in tournaments during advertising events.

What items can be purchased for gold eagles in War Thunder?

As mentioned earlier, as a premium currency, the gold eagles can be used to buy some of the best and exclusive additional gaming materials, such as vehicles and others, as indicated below.

  • Premium cars
  • Membership in the premium account
  • Accelerated study of vehicle progress

  • Accelerated crew training
  • Additional modifications for vehicles
  • More slots for the crew compared to five by default to the nation.
  • Skins of premium technology for tanks and aircraft
  • Exclusive decorative cosmetics
  • Exchange for silver lions
  • Battle trophies with prizes
  • The ability to create squadrons

Ways to receive gold eagles in War Thunder

You can get gold eagles in the following two ways.

* Game Shop : If you are ready to fork out, the best way to get golden eagles is through a game store. You can get about 200 gold eagles for only 1 dollar.

* Participation in advertising events : If you are not ready to spend a penny, but still want to get premium equipment for several gold eagles, then you should take part in tournaments or quests organized by developers during shares. The number of gold eagles that you receive depends on the position that you occupied in the event.

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