The command shooter Valorant received a major update

The Riot Games studio announced the installation of the update for the Valorant command shooter, starting the first act of the fifth episode. Players received a new card called Rearl, which until July 12 is available only in separate search for matches, and later will be added to all modes.

According to patches, Pearl is a real underwater miracle. A new map will present outlandish technologies and a classic structure in three tactical directions. No doors, cables and teleports are only the skill of the fighters.


From June 22, a new combat pass has started. Traditionally, it has a paid and free branches. For the premium version, players can get the appearance of Special detachment of 809 for Phantom, Operator Ognestrel, a keychain for weapons cat tactics and other objects.

From June 22 to July 12, the event Collision will be held.

_ If you ever wanted Valorant agents to become comic book characters, then your dream comes true! In honor of the first journey of the Omega land detachment, we release new cards drawn by the most talented artists._

_ Employ experience to quickly replenish your collection with three unique player cards, new titles and Radianite Points! _,-this is how Jeff Landa, representative of Riot, describes.

In addition, a new step was added to the rank. Blows was placed between diamond and immortal. And there were no new looks without a series of new looks-The harbinger of chaos.

Read all the details on the game website.