Fair Retail: Great Journey, Preliminary Reservation before launch this summer

Mobile Game Publisher Game Pub announced on the 14th that it has made a preliminary booking of the new mobile game ‘Fair Retail: Great Journey’ of the original animation.

‘Fair Retail: The Great Journey’ is a collection strategy RPG mobile game made by utilizing the popular animation ‘Fairy Tail’ IP (Intellectual Property Rights). You can meet the main characters in the animation that are completely embodied.

In particular, the main characters, Natsu and Lucy, are the original skills of various horses, and the characteristic and thrilling combat effects are reproduced in detail.

The pre-booking, which has been held since the end of last month, is gathering expectations by breaking the 700,000 pre-booking of users through word of mouth. ‘Fair Retail: The Great Journey’ will be given a pre-booking package containing abundant in-game goods, including 10 high-end summon flags and 500,000 jewels to commemorate the pre-booking. Meanwhile, the official cafe will hold various events such as the Kakao Pre-Reservation Certification Event.

In addition, the official pre-booking page can also check various events such as ‘Fair Retail: The Great Journey’ and various events such as guild employment subsidies with a total of 100 million won.

A game pub official said, Fairy Tail: The Great Journey, which perfectly reproduces the details of the original animation fairytail, is preparing for this summer. We have prepared hard to be a game that can be satisfied not only as well as those who love the original, but we ask for your support.

Meanwhile, the details and events of ‘Fair Retail: Great Journey’ can be found through the official cafe.