Collectable turn -based RPG ‘Attery Gear: Fusion’ preview

Armored Girl Visual RPG is a mobile game that can be enjoyed through attractive character collection and development represented by AG. You can experience a variety of visual fun to foster and foster fun and fun of strategy.

Already on the overseas standards, the Golden Award and the Gold Award, which are the awards ceremony of the Chinese game, won the Excellence Award in the 2D Mobile Game Division, the Best 2D Game Award, along with Billy Villy, Weibo, and TAPTAP, achieved 3 million pre-reservations on platforms such as Billibili, Weibo, and TAPTAP, Japan Google, Japan It has achieved good results such as the top 20 sales in the play game category.

Ancience of darkness, the last epic

Attery Gear begins with the background of the Earth, which was eroded by the puppet corps. In order to confront humanity and to disrupt the world with strong aggression, the satellite country Otoruna was created. ‘Autoruna’ expands its power as an excuse for refuge and immigration under the command of Queen or Queen.

Another power, Frontier, is also a national association established by many countries to fight the puppet, but as the situation deteriorates and the population decreases, Frontier is the head of the large ground as the head of the Frontier rather than the concept of a state. The battle of all humanity is in battle.

In order to win a definite victory in the puppet war, the truth hidden in situations is slowly revealed in situations where ideological conflicts cannot be held. This loan is a commander of the Union Allied Forces, but as well as a story that reveals the truth, as well as fighting against the puppet.

Beautiful girls beyond imagination

At the Athergear, there are 12 lineage and 100 AGs. The Garrison Region Atlas (GRA), which belongs to ‘Rosanite-Isabelle’, ‘Mayan Knight-Victoria’, and Garrison Region Atlas (GRA) and Booster Raptor-Millbus with ‘GRA’ with ‘Black Scorpion-Toypel’. Oh, the back.

All of these lineaers have their own purpose and beliefs, so they act accordingly. In particular, the indispensable is the extremely visual. The girl’s appearance is eye-catching with each personality and charm. AG’s appearance, drawn as a high-quality illustration, also has the characteristics of each lineage, adding to the taste.

Girls’ gorgeous skill action

The brilliant visuals of Attery Gear do not stop in attractive AG illustrations. The elaborate 3D and Live 2D were applied, and the dubbing of famous voice actors added lively. Each AG’s strongest technology is embodied in a gorgeous skill animation, which also leads to sophisticated battle scenes.

Combination and strategy for victory

Union and strategy are important to win in the Atter Gear. You can freely choose and combine more than a thousand skills of more than 100 AGs. At this time, it is necessary to find optimal combinations and strategies for each content by using each of the characteristics and characteristics. It is also important to be able to command faster and more accurately because the sophisticated and detailed artificial paper has a combat system.