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Roma Saga 30 years old Ice Sword and Galahad The history of the ice sword and galahad is immediately understood -Minsagarimaster commemoration of the release this winter!

! Note!

In this article, there is a spoiler element of Romancing Saga and Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-. Please be careful when browsing.

Square Enix will release RPG Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster (Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remastered) for PC/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android.

This work is a remastered work of Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-(Minstrels Song) released on PS2 in 2005 based on the RPG Romancing Saga for Super Nintendo released in 1992. In addition to high-resolution graphics, it seems that it is easy to recommend not only for the original fan but also for the first play in the series as well as improving the ease of play and the addition of new elements.

The indispensable thing in talking about Romancing Saga is the existence of Ice Sword . The ice sword, which is a very expensive weapon in the game, will be unforgettable for users with the owner’s Galahad at a certain obtained event, and in the later series work Saga Scarlet Grace, the Ice Sword is the first production bonus and the Ice Sword is the first production bonus &. It has appeared as a digital version early purchase privilege.

In this article, we will introduce the transition of ice sword.

What is a super-luxury weapon ice sword?

Ice Sword is a weapon sold in the Altur, the city in the game, both Romancing Saga and Mint Trel Song. As a weapon category, both hand swords (two-handed swords) have high attack power, but also useful skills and snowstorms.

However, the ice sword sold at the store is very luxury. Specifically, it requires 30,000 money in Romancing Saga and 20,000 for Minstrel Song, which is the highest level of weapons that can be purchased at the store. Before you get used to the game, it is a work that is difficult to make money, so it can be said that it is a flower of Takamine.

Moreover, it is not easy to obtain even if you struggle and collect the required amount. The ice sword is purchased by other characters under certain conditions and disappears from Altur stores. Whether you know or know the struggles of the player, you buy this sword, one of the characters who can be friends in the game, a man called Galahad.

However, this galahad has a tragedy. Probably, having an ice sword that you have struggled and struggled will cause an event that being killed and deprived by the player. Of course, this is one of the options at the event, but I think many players chose this development.

First tragedy! Romancing Saga has an impressive character

Ice swords in Romancing Saga can be sold out of Altool by satisfying a certain number of battles and certain conditions. As Ice Sword is sold out, Galahad appears in the city, and you can hear the line of the famous Nendo’s ice sword! .

There are three types of options here: Yes, he’s not good, he’s killed by killing, and he’s fun! That’s right, the conversation ends as it is, Yuzu, he’s fun! In various conditions, the results change depending on the conditions such as whether the players have lived. 。

Another killed him is one of the most famous options in the series. By choosing this, Galahad dies easily, and BGM changes, and ice sword is left in the player’s hands. Choosing this option will create a major restriction on the later play content (although the advantages and disadvantages…).

The Super Nintendo version uses a unique expression in which some kanji is displayed in large letters. I think this shocking ice sword event and the large letters of killing are also easy to remember.

In the later mobile application version released, this line has been changed to he is a powerful.

Minstrel Song where you can see Galahad’s will

The conditions for selling out the ice sword in Minstrel Song are simpler than Romancing Saga (there is also a remastered version, so hints are omitted). Galahad will appear in the town of Altool by satisfying the conditions after sold out.

The Galahad of Mint Trel Song has a very different atmosphere from the original version, such as its appearance. He has a gentle line about what he has obtained, and he feels the personality and religion as a saint.

There are two types of options to take ice sword in this work: take away by force! Development and dialogue here will change under some conditions, such as whether a certain event is being generated. It is important to note that Galahad is different from the Super Nintendo version, and if you choose an option to take it, you will be in a battle with Galahad.

Galahad in battle makes use of the capabilities of ice sword, so if you are not training, it is inevitable to return. Of course, you can get ice sword by winning.

By the way, there are other means of obtaining ice swords in Romancing Saga and Minstrel Song (although it is strictly different in Mint Trell Song…).

And the ice sword event goes to the legend

In this way, ice swords and galahads, which are made into stories in many ways, are loved not only by players but also by officials. Not only is it a privilege in Saga Scarlet Grace mentioned above, but the event is motifs in various situations.

On the soundtrack official website released in 2014, Galahad is pleased at the entrance, saying, I put his soundtrack in Nendan cancer! Again, familiar options have appeared, and unless you choose the right (?), You can’t enter the site.

In Saga Prefecture, which has a variety of collaborations with the Saga series in Romancing Saga, Nendan Black Mont Blanc appeared in the 2021 cooperation goods. This is a collaboration product with the local ice cream Black Mont Blanc released by Takeshita Seika in Saga Prefecture, and is a limited item that can be purchased only at Saga Airport. It is full of familiar lines in the introductory text. In addition, collaboration products with SUPERGROUPIES use ice swords as designs.

In addition, Galahad-related events have been held in the past, Romancing Sagari Universe for smartphones currently being distributed. One of them, Galahad and Ice Sword, did the event and got either Galahad or Ice Sword.

Then, you can see the appearance of Galahad in the remastered announcement trailer introduced at the beginning of the article. After 30 years, you can see that it is still loved. Is there any change in his fate (?) In the next remastered version?

Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster will be released this winter for PC/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android.