Many details about the future update of the Korean version of Mmorpg Archeage

The Xlgames studio and the publisher of Kakaogames told the details about the future of a major content update for MMORPG Archeage. On June 23, the game will add a new location-the western steppe. This territory is part of the original mainland and is located east of the hidden valley.


Also in the game will appear a new PVP production Battle of Divine Beasts. In it will converge in the battle of the Soyuz Nui, Kharnyans and hunters for luck. The main task is to capture the totems of animals that open access to the attack on key points.

In addition, some skills, sieges of locks and light armor will be changes.

The moderator of our forum under the nickname Matt gathered all the details in the same topic and painted future changes in detail.