How to get a goriga in MLB: The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

To celebrate the day of Lud Gerig on June 2, a new program was added to the MLB: The Show 22, which covers the best moments from the Yankees Hall of Fame. The program presents equipment in the style of LU Gorig, as well as 92 General Diamond Lud Gerig The player’s card for the program.

How to go through the daily program Lud Gerig

There are seven points in the program, for the implementation of which you will receive a total of 28 stars. To complete the moments, select Lud Gorig’s daily program in the Diamond Dynasty menu, and then scroll down to the moments. You control Lud Gerig at his best moments, and at one moment you control the Salvador Peres, the holder of the award of the Lud Geriga Memorial 2022. Peres can also be unlocked by 30 stars in the program.

After completing the moments, you still need 22 stars to unlock the Lud Gorig. To earn more stars, you can either exchange Yankees, Royals and Al East players, or earn parallel to XP and dial 10 HR with Yankees players. You can also earn 10 stars by earned 500 parallel XP with Salvador Peres, so the easiest way to complete the program is to exchange several players to unlock the Salvador of Peres, and then use it in their composition.

Having earned 50 stars, you will earn 1000 stabs and unlock 1B LU GRIGA, who has amazing contact and foresight as a fighting-off-loss. GEHRIG cards with a total 92 and a transfer with a total 86 in the program can be a great addition to your Diamond Dynasty line.

Like the daily program of Jackie Robinson, the Lud Gerig program should remain accessible and not expired. Parallel experience in both programs operates in all modes of Diamond Dynasty, so you will earn stars for both if you have certain players in your composition.

Gorig’s Day attracts attention to the successes of Lud Gorig on the field and beyond. MLB was dedicated to preserving the memory of Lud Gerig, who died from a rare BAS disease. Over the years, MLB and many other organizations increased awareness and contributed to the treatment of bass. To learn about the celebration of Lud Gerig and the charity of MLB, see click here.

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