STGGC -sensei of the popular gamer womens 4 frames “Jangma” challenges the liquid tab “ARTIST 16 second”! The feeling of use is -the illustrations drawn down

Suddenly, do you want to draw a hardcore gamer reader, your favorite game, anime, manga, distributors / live commenters, etc., do you want to draw?

Actually, I love the popular gamer girls’ 4 frames “ Jangma ” serialized in GAME*Spark. She liked it too much and wrote an article on Note to consider the original story of each time. (I haven’t updated it for a while…)

Every character is pretty, but I like jito eyes and glasses, so Soro-ko is the best character. I want to draw a fan art of Romeko! So, for the time being, I drew it with “Paint” and mouse with Windows default.

…… The line is twisted, and painting is appropriate. It may be natural, but it’s no good. Yes, if you want to draw digital and properly, tools and software for that are indispensable.

In this article, those who think “I want to draw fan art! ” “I want to write a manga! ” or “I want to design myself when making Indy games! ** For those who are thinking, we will introduce the XPPEN liquid crystal tablet “Artist 16 seconds” and the interview with the “Jangma” author, STGGC, which actually used.

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What is the difference between a liquid tab and a pen tab in the first place? Review from the basics

Two types of pen tablets (so-called plate tabs) and LCD tablets are commonly used when drawing digital illustrations. The pen tablet is a tool that can be intuitively operated using a pen to draw illustrations. While you can get it at relatively cheap , you need to get used to the gap between the lines drawn on the pen tab and how to draw on the actual monitor.

On the other hand, as the name implies, the product has a liquid crystal, so it can be drawn directly on the illustration and draw it directly, so it is easy to draw, but it is a little more expensive than the pen tab. 。 The “Artist 16 second” introduced this time is the latter LCD tablet type .

STGGC’s first challenge to the liquid tab! Interview with the impressions I tried

From now on, we will actually use “Artist 16 Second” by Dr. STGGC, the creator of “Jangma” who had been drawing with a pen tab for a long time, and deliver that impression in an interview format! STGGC-sensei, who was worried before use, but I couldn’t lie even though it was a PR project, but how to use it…! ?

―― First of all, please tell us about the illustration and manga production environment of STGGC-sensei before using the “Artist 16 Second”.

STGGC uses a pen tablet without a screen called “plate tab”. I bought this two years ago, and before that, it was less than 10,000 yen. There is also an iPad Pro for outing work purchased during the E3 2019 local repo manga planning, but it is mainly the pen tab because I usually work at home.

――Why did you choose a pen tab?

STGGC… because it was cheap (laughs). The first thing I bought was more than a dozen years ago, but at that time the liquid tab was very expensive and there were not many options, and I had only a pen tab.

――Is the illustration drawn before you started drawing digital illustrations?

STGGC I was drawing to draw for the time being, but it was almost only a sharpen pen… I had the opportunity to get manuscript paper and tools for manga from an acquaintance, but I didn’t use it at all because it was sloppy (laughs).

――I had a manga before “Jangma”, but when did you start drawing manga using a pen tab?

STGGC originally bought a pen tab for manga production, so I used it from the beginning. Before that, I was scanning the graffiti drawn with a shaved pencil on the paper and raised it to the net **, but at some point I felt like “this is too dirty…” and bought a pen tab. I decided.

–thank you. Then, this time, I used “Artist 16 second” as a tie-up project with XPPEN, but please tell me the transition, usage, and the taste of drawing from the pen tab.

The STGGC liquid tab can be used in a sense of drawing on paper, and the pen tab is a bit special, so there was not much discomfort when using ARTIST 16 seconds. Of course, the setting of the fine pen was not inherited, so when the migration was transferred, it was caught a little. Nevertheless, I think this part gets used to it as you use it!…… This is not a good or bad story, but it was clearly different that the picture was hidden with the right hand because I brought a pen directly to the screen. Of course, of course…!

An …… I’m sorry that I can only compare with the pen tab of the entry model. 。 It looks like specifications on the numerical value . Of course, depending on the settings, it can be a pentalet that is not very good depending on the setting, but it is also possible to draw a picture that can read the brush pressure in detail .

Is there a little about the parallax (the gap between the location and the cursor in the pen) when drawing in a hurry? I was not very worried about it because of a small amount, but some people may feel a little gap. Because the driver has a adjustment function, I think that it will be depending on the settings and settings . ** However, it is also a different feeling from the iPad, so those who are already using it may have some discomfort.

Regarding the heat of the product itself, when driving, the right to the upper right part, close to the cable insert, is slightly warm. Basically, the temperature has not changed much, and in most cases it is far from the work space, so I was almost unwilling personally. Occasionally, I felt like “Is it hot today?”, But it doesn’t seem to be very relevant to the honest drive time, and it doesn’t really get in the way, so I don’t think it’s a good part. I’m sorry I couldn’t compare with other products…!

–thank you. It is an impression that you are using it quite a bit, but did you care about anything else?

STGGC This is an important information, but after the product setup, first wipe the screen with the attached cloth! I visually seemed to have nothing to do with it, so I drew it as it was, but I felt caught in some places at a level that affected the work. I think that if you wipe it down like me like me, you can enjoy a fun painter from the beginning!

――How was the size of the tablet and the ease of placing at the desk?

The STGGC width is about the same as a common keyboard, and is easy to place on a desk. There is a little depth, but there was no problem with replacing pen tabs.

However, in most cases, you need to be angled to make it easier to draw, so you need a certain height than the keyboard or pen tab. The stand is not included and there is no stand on the back, so you need to prepare it here.

I personally like this cleanliness (laughs). The back is also refreshing. For the time being, I use a ditched table with cardboard and curing tape, but it’s okay at all because the body is not heavy!

――What about wiring and software?

There is only one STGGC cable, which connects the HDMI terminal separated from it to the PC for power supply to a PC. Depending on the environment, one USB seems to be OK, but in our PC, the display is unstable, so I have both. This system… you can tickle your heart soberly. Also, I am very grateful that there is no need for a power adapter personally! Because it has already become a tremendous octopus foot wiring…!

Software can be used simply by introducing a driver like many pen tabs. However, to prevent interference, other pen tab drivers need to be uninstalled in advance, and the device itself must be removed from the PC.

――The main body has a lot of buttons. Is STGGC used here?

There are 10 buttons on the left side of STGGC. The design is simple and cool… You can assign your favorite shortcut keys here. I already use the left hand device…. The best shive, cool, and durable curing tape 10-year-old Xbox360 Game pads, so I can not use it full, but I can not use it fully. Assigned to Ctrl+S (preservation operation). This alone is a lot of help.

――In fact, the “Jangma”, which was released, was also drawn using this product, right?

STGGC That’s right. Everything from the 316 episodes to the “Artist 16 Second” is produced. I was worried because I was used to the pen tab, but I was able to move more smoothly than I expected. Around the strength of the line… isn’t it a little better?…… Isn’t that so? (smile)

I think that there is a good point in both the pen tab and the liquid tab, but there is no problem in production even if it is completely shifted to the liquid tab!

――Finally, please tell us what you like this product.

STGGC I really like this exterior design. The liquid tab was big, heavy, and rugged, but the “Artist 16 second” is flat on the back, has a cheap and smart design. I think that the XP-PEN logo is also simple and elegant.

The rest is that you can get a passive buff that “more sub-display increases”! I was originally working in a dual display environment, but sometimes I felt that it was not enough when reflecting materials and notes or playing videos, so I watched it with this… It seems to be up. **

To be honest, I was in trouble if it was a difficult product because it was a tie-up article, but I thought it was a good product that I could recommend proudly! I will continue to use pounding!

–thank you very much.

Artist 16 second “, where STGGC-sensei also pushes drums, is also attractive as an introduction to LCD tablets. It is a recommended LCD tablet for those who want to challenge the creative world and who are already aiming to go up as a creator. Let’s take a new world with “Artist 16 Second”!

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“Artist 16 second” Product specifications

Dimensions: 434 x 255.8 x 12.89 mm

Work area: 340.99 x 191.81 mm

Reading height: 10mm

Shortcut key: 10 pieces

Screen resolution : 1920 × 1080

Color gamut (standard): 90% NTSC, 127% SRGB, 94% Adobe RGB

Contrast (standard): 1000: 1

Full lamination:

Viewing angle: 178 °

Stylus Pen: X3 Elite

Mounting port: Full function USB-C × 1 USB-C × 1

Power input: DC 5v⎓2a

Compatibility: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Android (USB3.1 DP1.2), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux this product is MacOS MONTEREY and Windows 11 It is a compatible product

Color variations

  • Black

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Pink

Relaxed model “ARTIST 12 second” is also released at the same time!

The reasonable 12-inch model “ARTIST 12 second” will also be released at the same time. If you purchase at the XPPEN store, you can purchase it for a discounted price of 20,000 yen.

XPPEN carries up a rebranding

XPPEN announced a brand rebranding on April 6, 2022. “ Dream to provide excellent products, efficient services, and valuable experiences so that all creators can express their true self with courage to realize their dreams.” It is said that the slogan “Brave True **” is newly raised, and based on the concept of “endless inspiration and creation to express yourself”, the desire to continue to support manufacturing. In addition, it has been changed to a smart logo as part of the rebranding.

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