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Screenshots from excellent MMO on Marvel appeared on the network

A Marvel MMO Has Been Canceled - IGN Daily Fix
Screenshots from the recently canceled MMO in the Marvel universe appeared on the network. They were shared by an internationally recognized artist and designer Ramiro Galan, who worked on this game. According to him, when creating, the emphasis was made on rich and bright colors with stylistic shades, which pay tribute to the cartoon “Spider-Man: through universes.” You can familiarize yourself with these screenshots in the album from below.

The presented images shows the process of creating a character, starting from the choice of fraction (X-Men, Avengers, Shield and Fantastic Four) and ending with the cover of the comic book with your hero.

The abolition of MMOs on Marvel became known a few days ago. Enad Global 7 said that such a decision was made in connection with a revision of risks associated with a large amount of investment-more than $ 50 million. Instead of one project, the management decided to distribute them into several games.