After a long time there is a new No. 1 in the Steam

For several weeks, the handheld PC Steam Deck stayed on the top position of the Steam sales charts . Now this reign is over, because there is a new number 1 . At this point we’ll tell you which game it is and also present you The full top 10 ** of the current Steam charts.

the new number 1 in the Steam sales charts

The vampire survival game V Rising from Stunlock Studios is now sitting on the Steam thr1. The title caused a sensation at Steam last week. Now it actually displaced the handheld PC Steam Deck from the top position **, the handheld PC has slipped to second place. In the third and the last place in the podium, the early access version of Arma Reforger can be found.

A lot has also happened in the top 10 away from the top positions. This mainly ensured discount campaigns. Among other things, we can welcome the football game FIFA 22 and the first person shooter Titanfall 2 in the upper regions of the Steam sales charts. In return, titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Monster Hunter Rise had to take their hat again . We grant you a complete overview .

  1. V Rising
  2. Steam deck
  3. Arma Reforker
  4. Elden ring
  5. V Rising – Founders Pack- Eldest Bloodline
  6. Valve Index VR Kit
  7. The Forest
  8. FIFA 22
  9. Titanfall 2
  10. Old World

I was wrong about the Steam Deck - 3 weeks later

This is how the Steam sales charts are created

Incidentally, the decisive factor for the calculation of the current top 10 of the Steam sales charts is not the pure number of copies sold, but always the sales of the software or hardware sold. Particularly expensive products have an “advantage”. The sales charts listed above refer to the period from May 16 to 22, 2022 . The charts we present are output every week in an XML feed on Steam.

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