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How to get a multi -layer BUFF Body armor at Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, in addition to the sets of armor affecting the characteristics, there are multilayer armor that simply change your appearance. One of them is the popular multi -layer Body Layered Armor Body Layered, which turns your hunter into an impressively pumped bodybuilder. Below we described in detail how to get Buff Body for ourselves.

The BUFF Body multilayer armor is presented in two versions: Buff Body Alpha + and Buff Body Gamma +. Each of these forms has its own method of unlocking and affects different types of armor. Alpha affects the armor of a low and high rank, and the gamma changes the appearance of the sets of the master-yrang.

Unlock Buff Body Alpha + multilayer armor in MHW

To unlock the Buff Body Alpha +, you need to trim the four buff tiquets in the Master Rank 6 Event Quest quest. The madness of the muscular monkey. This quest master of the rank requires you to win two rajangs in the arena. In addition, you will need the following materials from other hunts.

  • Tiger ticket – 1
  • Solid bone of spiritual core – 3
  • Great gem of senior dragon – 1

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Unlock Buff Body Gamma + multilayer armor in MHW

To unlock Buff Body Gamma +, you will need three Buff + tickets from the Master Rank 6 Event Quest quest. Mighty Mighty Muscular Monkey . This quest will require you to defeat two furious Rajang in the arena. In addition to Buff tickets, you will need the following materials from other hunts (although the heart of Rajang can also be obtained from the event).

  • Rajang heart – 1
  • Pure Dragon Blood – 5
  • Monster’s essence – 10

As soon as you get the necessary material, just go to the forge and get your new multi -layer armor!

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