Code Vein Boss leadership – how to win Invading Executioner

Invading Executioner Boss Fight Guide - Code Vein (Solo)
Invading Execution – the fourth boss in Code Vein and the most difficult task. Like Butterfly of Delirium, Invading Executioner Sitting Like a nail, so be prepared for a long battle. Do not worry, this Greater Lost has no chance, because we will cover you!

How to win Invading Executioner in Code Vein

An invading executioner can be found in the area of the howling pit in Code Vein. Finding her lair is a little difficult, but you will not have problems if you go to the bottomless shore. But when you find it, be prepared for battle, since this is not a walk in the park.

If you thought that it is difficult to cope with an insatiable despot, wait until you see this lady. She will easily kill you if you are not ready for battle. Therefore, before paying her a visit, be sure to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of Invading Executioner.

Special attacks of the fourth boss in Code Vein

The best way to defeat the Invading Executions in Code Vein is to know its most powerful techniques. She is well equipped to send you with such skills as:

Attack with the magic of water * – If it is not next to you, wait for water under your feet.
Combo-Ataka -The executioner will conduct a series of hand-to-hand attacks, so be prepared to dodge.
charge – One of her favorite attacks is fast exercises.
Spear stomps * – As soon as it hit the ground with a spear, be prepared to dodge.
stomp – similar to another stomping movement.
The rotating attack – the executioner will begin to rotate around his spear, striking everything around him. At the same time, she will throw a large number of water shells.

As you quickly find in battle, Invading Executioner has a very aggressive tactic that makes you constantly move and wait for your chance. The good news is that it is prone to poisoning and can be stunned, although immune to slowdown. Now that you know your enemy, choose the build of the hero Code Vein, which is best suited for this monster and go to the arena!

How to win the Invading Execution in the first phase

Like our old sworn enemy, the first Code Vein boss Oliver Collins, the fight with Invading Executioner consists of two phases. At the first stage, you will have the opportunity to see its special techniques personally. Make sure that there are slow removals next to you, as her attack can make you sluggish. You will be slowed down, even if you block her attacks, so instead try to evade them.

Your best chance to inflict damage is to step aside or evade forward when she attacks. But do not be eager, hit it several times and step back. When it reaches about 60% of its health, the second phase is about to begin. Use this short break for treatment and enhancement.

the second phase of the battle with the fourth boss in Code Vein

When an unofficial second round begins, the executioner will try to slow you down with the help of water bubbles. Now she has quite a lot of improved techniques, so be prepared for a large number of evasions. Do not take too a defensive position, since you still have to cause damage. Therefore, try to evade attacks, evading forward and attacking it from behind. But, as in the first phase, retreat before it reacts. Although she is swift, be faster, and your victory!

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