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Fortnite offline: Server Down for Update 20.40 Today – Time and First Patch

Fortnite goes down today: Epic Games announces planned maintenance work for the Battle Royale shooter-the Update 20.40 appears . On Twitter, the developers call the concrete time for the start of the downtime: It starts at 10 a.m. German time . Logins and game joining are then no longer possible. As usual, the matchmaking system switches EPIC half an hour earlier . At around 9:30 a.m. you take part in the last game before the maintenance work. How long Fortnite remains offline does not show from the information.

Downtime Today: Update 20.40 Comes

As a rule, the maintenance work on the Battle Royale shooter is short-lived. At lunchtime, the servers should therefore return and let Fortnite play again as usual. Note that there may also be delays during the downtime. In the course of the maintenance, the update 20.40 is ready, which plays additional content for the BR shooter. The specific patch notes with all changes and innovations are likely to follow in the course of the morning.

first information from the patch notes


It is already clear that with the Fortnite (buy € 23.90) update 20.40 All V-Bucks bought on PlayStation are now available in the shared wallet **. Means: You can also use the coins that you have purchased on PlayStation on Xbox, PC, Android and Cloud services in the future. “In order to best use this advantage, players should make sure that they have linked any existing PlayStation and/or Xbox accounts with their Epic Games account. Fortnite Shaled Wallet is currently not supported at the Nintendo Switch, which means that that means that On other ‘shared wallet’ platforms bought V-Bucks cannot be used on Nintendo Switch and vice versa, “writes Epic Games. In a FAQ, the developers answer the most important questions about the Shared Wallet in Fortnite.

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