MMORPG Summers War: Chronicle is released in July

The launch schedule of ‘Summers War: Chronicle’, which is highly expected by fans with MMORPG using Summers War IP, has been released.

Com2us unveiled the release date of Summers War: Chronicle at the first quarter earnings conference call event on the 13th. According to Com2us, Summers War: Chronicle’s domestic launch date is July, and the global market is scheduled to be released in October. The exact date will be released later. The global version includes a blockchain system.

[Summoners War: Chronicles] Latest News on the First-Ever Summoners War MMORPG!
Summers War: Chronicle is an anticipation of transplanting the summers war core contents of the summons system to fit the MMORPG. The user can enjoy the strategic fun of the original through the battle with a summoner, and you can enjoy adventures over various continents. In March, the test was conducted in Thailand before its launch in Korea and received a good evaluation from users.

Summers War: For more information about Chronicle, please visit the official brand page.