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The undead boss bone skin , in English “Pindleskin” (or short “Pindle”), watches over Nihlathak’s temple in Act 5 and can be reached by the red portal next to Anya after you freed them in the “ice prison” quest have. With a monster level of 86 and access to the treasure class (Treasure Class, TC) 87, both he and his henchmen can drop almost every object in the game.

Since this area even at level 96 is still useful for creating experience, it is common to continue to include bone skin into the farm routine with final characters. With specialized builds, the bone skin and its henchmen are by far the most efficient single boss pack.


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    3. 2.3maximized magief and on your equipment
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why farm the bone skin?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: With a monster level of 86 and access to the treasure class (Treasure Class, TC) 87, both he and his henchmen can drop almost every object in the game. Cute nicht can drop because your underlying monster level (MLVL) is 86:

the sword blue anger
the belt spider monster network
The armor Tyraels makes *

This fact makes the bone skin and its henchmen incredibly valuable for the farm of magical items, since it always drops 2 objects with magical quality or higher (unless the pack drops a rune or a gem). This means that you have to farm him with higher player settings or a higher number of players in the game in order to draw the greatest possible benefit from the magic and bonuses on your equipment. However, if the player settings increase, his servants are more likely to drop objects, and they also have access to the same treasure class TC 87.

Bone skin is naturally immun against gift and very rarely immune to other types of damage, Mehten fire. Even if he is immune to other types of damage, it is not his henchmen. Builds that are based on the element of fire can easily eliminate his henchmen if your mercenaries or servants take on this task.

In the following a few prominent examples of items that can drop “Hell” in the event of a bone skin:

Diablo 2 Resurrected | Items Upgraden


eschutas temperament *
Schnitter’s tribute *


Andariel’s antlitz *
gripping eye
* Jalal’s mane


Draculs grip *
Herold from Zakarum
Sturm sign
* Vergungo’s heart band


anger of the high prince *
Maras Kaleidoscope *


Guillaume’s face (set helmet) *
valley rashas covers
Trang-Ouls Avatar
* Immortal king

In addition, in the zone items for high-ranking rune words , such as monarch shields for “spirit” or giant thresher for “infinity” can be dropped.

Tips and Tricks

Where can I find bone skin?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 5 Bone skin – The Red Portal for Nihlathak’s Temple Source: drop

First you have to free Anya from her prison on the frost river in the “Ice Prison” act. After completing this quest, Anya returns to Harrogath and opens a red portal . Anya and the portal are located southwest of the waypoint in the city.

If you walk through the red portal to Nihlathak’s temple, there are bone skin and his henchmen in the building in the northeast of the z1. Reads or teleported from the red portal quickly towards the open door of the building to avoid the undead warriors who resurrect after entering the zone after a few seconds. The door behind the bone skin leads to the halls of the agony, which you can safely enter before you return to Harrogath with a city portal.

Preparations for the fight

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Bone skin and his henchmen, here with the mods extra strong and cursed, are particularly serious about the enemy of the enemy: drop bone skin and his servants are Sehr Stark Monster Ansturm attack spam. This makes them extremely dangerous in a small space, such as in the corridor of the temple where they spawn. Therefore some tips in the following.

If the bone skin with makes -or fanatis-aura or the spawns an increased curse*, he can easily kill characters with a hit. So consider to skip it if your character is fragile or play in hardcore mode! The Auren actually act with rush, as if bone skin had invested skill points in the aura and increase the physical damage it causes.
* The area next to the red portal is littered with the corpses of undettered warriors who have the special ability to revive themselves. Therefore, does not stay in the forecourt of the temple and you shouldn’t attack you while you are fighting against bone skin.
* Bone skin and the other monsters move very slowly until they are within attack. Therefore, starts to fight with builds that use ranged attacks at the entrance of the corridor, and the pack should normally die before it reaches you.
* Characters without teleporting ability can open a city portal next to the bone skin and enter the area together with its mercenary and its servants if they should get stuck in the corridor or atrium. She achieves the same effect by descending the bone skin through the door into the halls of the agony and then entering Nihlathak’s temple “through the back door” again.

maximized magief and on your equipment

You are here to find juicy unique and set objects. Optimizing the status”% better chance of maintaining magical object”increases your chances of finding them. Stacks the stat as possible without losing any damage or resistance. You can find tips for good magic and equipment in this article.

Player settings

A high number of players increases the amount of fallen objects in the game, which in turn increases the chance that bosses and their henchmen drop good base objects, runes, flawless gems, amulets and jewels. But only play here with a higher number of players if you wantbone skin hinge to drop more items. Bone skin itself, regardless of the number of players, always drops 2 objects with magical quality or higher. 7-8 players in the game (or the chat command”/players 7 or 8″in single player mode) leads to the best drop chances in this case.


Im video above you can see a bone skin run with a Werwolf druid in the “hell” swivel degree

  • Bone skin and its servants are by far the most valuable single boss pack in the game, and it is very easy to reach via the red portal after you have saved Anya in Act 5 in Harrogath.
  • He can drop every object in the game – except three – and also gives a decent amount of experience up to level 96.
  • Bone skin and its servants can hand out violent strokes as soon as they are within a melee range – especially if they have the auries or fanaticism or the reinforced curse.
  • The use of items with magicund bonuses increases the quality of your drops per farm session drastically.
  • Tipp: During the group game, it is a bad etiquette to open a city portal right next to the bone skin, since players can accidentally enter it and die from the risen henchmen. So get used to entering the halls of the agony directly behind the bone skin before returning to the city with a portal.

The information in this play tip is based on the guide on the MaxRoll.GG website.

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