Age of Empires 4: Tier List of all peoples in the overview

The choice of the people is crucial for the outcome of your game in Age of Empires 4. So that you know which faction fits best for your playing style, you can find out here:

  • What peoples there are
  • What your bonuses are
  • What special units and buildings you own

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Age of Empires 4 Animal List: The eight peoples overview

Age of Empires 4 - Tier List UPDATED FOR GENESIS

Eight peoples are available in Age of Empires 4. These are fewer groups than in Age of Empires 2 , but the differences in the bonuses, special units and buildings can be seen even more clearly. And you can assume that even more peoples will plunge into the battlefield in the future.

These peoples are available in Age of Empires 4 (S+ Tier stands for the strongest faction, C animal for the weakest people):

S+ Tier: * French
s animal: rus, English
A+ Tier: Mongolen
A animal: * Abbasid dynasty
B+ Tier: Chinese
B Tier: Holy Roman Empire
* c animal: Delhi-Sultanate

The French: Mighty knights in the march

The French -based land of the French has developed into the most influential powers in Europe over the centuries. Their foundation of the French military form the mighty knights and particularly strong siege weapons. This is how you break through every opposing masonry.

In addition, a large part of the French group can get special upgrades. The cost of units from the stables and the shooting ranges can be reduced properly. This presupposes that the buildings are near a castle.

For resource management, on the other hand, you have special dealers who get urgently needed resources in the shortest possible time. In addition, economic technologies and mills and gold mines cost less.

Even with the landmarks, the French rely a lot on their military strength:

The cavalry school is available to you from entering the Feudalzeit . Here you can train knights. Optionally, you can also build the Chamber of Commerce, which ensures that traders bring you additional resources.
* The Royal Institute allows you to research all unique technologies in one place. Or you decide for the guild hall when you enter the
knight’s age . Here you can accumulate resources that cause more to be produced.
Thanks to the imperial age , the artillery school is available to you. Only here you get the particularly strong shooting powder units that cause additional damage even without chemical technologies. Alternatively, the red palace is available to you, which causes more damage thanks to Arbalest shooters.

In addition to the particularly strong siege weapons , the French have some impressive ground troops available.

The Arbalétrier are mighty crossbow shooters who put a sign in the ground in order to be protected from enemy archers.
The royal knight are heavily armored riders who, thanks to their lances, can break through every line of defense in the rush.

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The Rus: The former Russia

The RUS were once subordinated by the Mongolian invaders. Therefore, this faction goes through different levels from age to age. Initially Nordic and Slavic, later Byzantine and Mongolian influences are added.

As a particularly nature -loving faction, the RUS understand it almost perfectly to use the environment for their advantage. They are so , among other things, the most effective hunters who also get gold by sailing wild animals. Through the hunting lodge (instead of the normal mill), this people get a gold and resource bonus for every animal that was hunted.

But the rus are not tame due to their closeness to nature. Later, the parliamentary group relies on modern technologies such as the fire trucks. In addition, you can build particularly strong wooden palisades and wooden castles very early in the game.

The symbol of the RUS initially focus on the trade and researching new technologies:

  • With the Kremlin you build a wooden castle with activated technologies. This is an extremely powerful bulwark for entry into the feudal time . However, if you want to boost the economy, choose the golden gate. This allows the RUS better conditions when trading on the market square.
    If you want to continue to rely on the economy, you should build the high trading house when entering the knight’s time . It automatically generates deer for hunting and gold. The abbey of the Trinity, on the other hand, improves your war monks.
    In the imperial age you get stronger siege devices with special upgrades thanks to the high armor. In this way, trebuchets and mangonella can be assembled and dismantled immediately. The Redeemer Tower, on the other hand, is a mountain fried that is always fully occupied.

As mentioned before, the RUS also have an impressive selection of special units:

Based on the archers you can well recognize the Mongolian influence on the RUS. As the name suggests, there are archers on horses.
The Strelizen lead a hand cannon and an ax into the battle. So they do high damage from a distance, but can also defend themselves very well in close combat.
The warrior monks * can not only collect like the other spiritual relics, but also fight and give Buff’s colleagues themselves.

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the English: a bulwark nation

If the English mastered one in the course of history, it was the defense of their island in front of enemy invaders. This specialty of the British is also shown in Age of Empires 4.

The walls and masterful archers allow the English to really withstand every rush and decimate enemy armies. This ensures that villagers also carry short arches with them and the village center shoots more arrows on opposing units. In addition, outposts, towers and castles trigger alarms when enemy troops are nearby. As a result, buildings and units can shoot faster for a short time.

So that production can also be kept up, the English rely on efficient food supply. This resource can be improved, among other things, buildings and armies. Farms also cost less than with the other political groups.

Imposing landmarks also bring the English important bonuses :

The abbey of the kings to climb the feudal period passively heals your units. The training of your longbow shooters is faster thanks to the Ratshalle.
The knight’s time is also the age of the castles like the white tower. All unit types of the English can be trained here. The counterpart is the royal palace that works like a village center.
Better and more productive farms are available to the English from the imperial age *. In addition, these buildings still produce gold. The Berkshire Palace is a castle with a larger range and more space for units. On the other hand, if you choose the Wynguard Palace, he allows you to train the Wynguard Army, consisting of a spear fighter, weapon servant, longbow shooter, tribok and knight.

In addition to the villagers, which are equipped with arches, the English still have the longbow shooters as a special unit. With a large reach, many upgrades and the possibility of protecting themselves with piles from enemy cavalry, they form a powerful backbone of every British army.

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The Mongols: The nomadic way of life

The Mongols are The most aggressive people in Age of Empires 4 . Here attack is really the best defense. This is particularly evident in the ability to shift your own settlement consisting of Gers.

So it is no problem for the Mongols to open up new resources and escape the enemy.

Resource reduction is accelerated by the construction of Obos and yurts. The OBOS allow the complete waiver of workers during the stone mining and constantly generate the winning of the valuable material without long walking paths.

Of course, the Mongols are also available landmarks :

When climbing to the feudal time , “The Silver Baum” offers you the option of recruiting retailers cheaper and earlier. Thanks to the deer stones, these and your cavalry are briefly accelerated.
* Like the yurt, the steppe route allows you to reduce gold. Get the landmark when you get started with the
knight’s time . Alternatively, you can also build the Kurultai. Together with a Khan, units are healed nearby and cause more damage.
The White Stupa is available to you in Imperial Age . This landmark generates stones without a stone occurrence. Alternatively, you can also build the Khaganate Palace. Mangudai, rider or knight are recruited every 90 seconds.

The Mongols rely on mounted fighter with their special units :

The Mangudai are excellent archers on horseback that can withdraw quickly.
The Khan acts as a kind of heroic unit that shoots signal arrows to strengthen your own units. They also use falcons as an enlightener.

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the Abbasid dynasty: The Islamic Great Empire

The Abbasid dynasty has long been considered the center of Islamic faith. Similar to the Delhi and the Chinese, the greatest strength of this faction is due to his inventory.

For this, the Abbasid dynasty relies on the House of Wisdom, replaced all the landmark and instead built a new wing when climbing into a new age. Which of these four wings you build is completely free. A wing gives you special technologies and units:

Economics: * gives you new buildings and research to increase your resource removal.
Culture: This wing brings you more research in the field of medicine and faith.
Military: Here you get particularly strong bonuses for your camel rider.
* Handel: This wing allows you, among other things, the large bazaar where you can get any resource.

As mentioned, the Abbasid dynasty as a can put the only people on a camel rider, including the camel archers who can cause a lot of damage and reduce the damage of simple cavalry.

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The Chinese: Master of the shooting powder

Chinese dynasties are characterized by powerful armies and sophisticated engineering. This enables you a variety of strategies that can be further expanded by the tang, song, yuan and Ming dynasty. The age in which you are located decides which dynasty is. As a result, you should adapt your playing style accordingly.

The Tang dynasty primarily relies on exploration and improves and increases the visibility of the scouts.
In the song dynasty you get a unique village building and the Zhuge Nu (crossbow shooters). In addition, the production time is significantly reduced.
In the knight’s time you switch the Yuan dynasty free. It allows you to build storage storage. The fire lances riders reinforce your army, which also has an increased speed of movement.
The Ming dynasty is the last dynasty that you can reach. You can now build pagodas and recruit grenadiers. In addition, all military units get a bonus of health.

The following Boni bring the Chinese with them:

Urban planning: By triggering the dynasties you get special unit bonuses and new special buildings.

Thanks to the economic progress of the Chinese, you start every round with additional workers that build buildings faster.
In contrast to the other peoples, you can build both landmarks when you get up .
* civil servants can be trained in the village center to collect taxes (gold) from other buildings.

The Chinese armed forces are characterized above all by their direct access to the shooting powder . The following special units are gradually available to you:

Fire lancer rider: * The Chinese cavalry is equipped with fire lances and does great damage to buildings.
Beeennester are effective siege weapons and can be seen as medieval rocket launchers.
Grenadiere are other shooting powder units that can destroy whole enemy armies.

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The Holy Roman Empire: Germany in the Middle Ages

Until 1806, the Holy Roman Empire was the area of territory of the German emperors. Those saw themselves as heirs of the Roman Empire, which Rome wants to conquer as the center of Christianity. The Holy Roman Empire is used for this. This parliamentary group also distinguishes a very strong defense.

Your landmarks are also not only impressive to look at, but also offer very valuable bonuses:

When climbing into the feudal time you can build the Aachen chapel. If a prelate is quartered here, its bonus expands to all surrounding productions. Alternatively, there is the Meinwerkpalast, which reduces the cost of your forging euprades.
You can build the Burggrafenpalast for starting the knight’s time . Five of all infantry units are always trained here at the same time. However, if you lack gold, you should build the Regnitz Cathedral. Here conquered relics generate tons of gold.
* In the last age , your buildings will be even more robust against enemy attacks thanks to the Elzbach palace. The Swabian palace, on the other hand, is a new village center that trains residents faster and cheaper.

The special units of the Holy Roman Empire are strong damage distributors and good support for your army:

The prelates are Catholic priests that are available to you right from the start. They heal and convert units and can wear the relics that are distributed on the map. In addition, they increase the morals of your workers and thus boost the economy.
The Landsknechte are light infantry units with two -handed swords. They are quick and set up high surface damage.

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The Delhi Sultanate: Indian war elephants

The Delhi sultanate contains a variety of cultural mixtures during its eras. In addition to Indian influences, Afghan technologies can also be found.

The development of technologies is the greatest strength of this faction. The sultanate can carry out several upgrades during each era and develop much more effective new technologies than the other political groups.

Above all, this means that tons of resources can be saved because all research is free. But the production times are longer . A big disadvantage at the beginning of the game, since you can only rely on an effective defense. What luck that military units can build defense systems.

Research and defense Dominates the landmarks of the Delhi Sultanate:

The faith cathedral heralds the feudal age and allows you to produce scholars who accelerate your research, cheaper. Alternatively, you can also build the tower of victory, which makes your units in the area quick -witted.
* You unlock more economic and religious upgrades with the house of learning. On the other hand, if you want to expand your defense in the
knight’s time , you should build the complex of the defender. This allows your infantry units to build stone walls.
The Imperial period lets the Delhi really go out. The Sultan Palace automatically produces the imposing war elephants, while the HISAR academy ensures that researched technologies automatically create food.

To the special units of the Delhi Sultanate you can use the following troops:

The war elephants do a lot of damage to units and buildings.
On the other hand, the tower war elephants , which have two additional archers and can therefore also attack from a distance, are even better.

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