Official ID app makes sense after years

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Gut Ding wants to have a while, especially when it comes to a large digitization project in Germany. The new ID card started in November 2010, its main features: check card size (ID-1 format) and built-in RFID chip.

In it, personal data and personal features can be saved, these are a photo and two fingerprints. The storage of the fingerprints has long been optional, and they have only been mandatory since November 2021, which many data protectionists criticize.

In practice, however, there were completely different problems for a long time: users needed a certified card reader to use the online ID function on the PC. To do this, you had to spend around 30 euros and the function could then not use it anywhere because there were hardly any providers who accepted the online ID. But now there are many smartphones with NFC chip and the official ID app for Android and iOS.

use online ID card

But what can you do with the online ID now? On the start page of the apps you will find the “provider” area and there is also a list online. There you can browse where you can use the online card anywhere, but the main thing is authorities that integrate the function. This is also due to the obligation by the online access law. For example, you can use it:

  • Make BAföG applications
  • Apply for the severely disabled ID cards
  • Apply for unemployment benefit
  • Obtain pension information

  • Apply for a certificate of good conduct
  • Call the score in Flensburg

Wherever the online ID is accepted, you should also find the corresponding logo that is also used for the ID app.