5: 1 in the derby! Dortmunds Rijkhoff and Fink cannot be broken

Schalke initially did not hide against the favorite Dortmund, kept the game largely open and even recorded the first chance (Kojic, 9th). On the other hand, Rijkhoff S04 keeper Treichel forced to the first parade (10th).

Fink uses Semic’s template, anubodem Ostrzinski’s error

Zug by train, BVB was developing an ever clearer visual superiority, captain Kleine-Klekel’s header just hissed over (28th). A little later it went too quickly when Semic forwarded directly to Fink and the Swiss achieved the leadership of the BVB by low shot (32nd).

When everything was already waiting for the break whistle, Schalke struck back – but under kindly using Borussia’s keeper Ostrzinski, who after a long discount from Treichel in front of the penalty area on the ball, so that Anubodem shot into the orphaned gate (45.+2).

Borussia Dortmund - SC Freiburg 5-1 | Highlights | Matchday 19 – Bundesliga 2021/22

rijkhoff “repairs” the damage

Dortmund pushed the royal blue on the defensive at the beginning of round – and soon led again after the restart when Rijkhoff Rothe’s free kick flank headed with the help of the inner post (51.).

Shubin on the post – Rijkhoff and Fink follow after

Treichel prevented Rijkhoff’s double pack against controlling Borussia with a brilliant parade (63.) before Ostrzinski’s second mistake almost made 2-2, but Shubin only hit the post (66.). Instead of the flattering compensation, it was 3: 1 – Fink laced the double pack (68th) after a determined attack.

The final phase was only Dortmund, which was screwed up: First Rijkhoff also became a double goal scorer (79.), then again Fink could not be ripped off, which dusted off the only faux pas from Treichel and marked his third goal (82nd).

The second leg will be on May 15 (11 a.m.). The BVB has come a big step closer to the final.