Walking along the flower path of Peak Min Bloom

Nairic, famous for its ‘Pokemon Go’, which is expected to recover everyday after the 19th Corona crisis, has become a hot topic by introducing original games that have never been seen in the world.

If the family and friends enjoyed the game with Pokemon Go, the Peak Min Bloom, which was introduced this time, is expected to sniper the tastes of domestic users by armed with the cuteness of the world.

In particular, ‘Peak Min Bloom’ is also a game that can be enjoyed outside like Pokemon Go, so it is expected that the Nairic craze will occur again with the recent recovery of daily life.

In addition, the “peakmin” is expected to be a little bit of the hearts of domestic users who have been devastated by the fatigue of battle and competition.

Flower in Bloom

We introduce ‘Peak Min Bloom’, a game that plants flowers just by walking ‘walking’ that was not found in the global game market.

■ A new friend who meets for a walk

‘Peak Min’, who looks at me at the beginning, stares at me with a flower on his head, not an animal or a plant. With the eyes looking forward to something.

But you don’t have to do something. Just walking just on the way you go. Peak Min sits on a blue grass, rests around me, stands dull, and doesn’t stay still. It is cute like a gesture to look at me. You are friends to be with me in the future.

Small and cute peaks are not able to live with shops or draws. You can walk around the road and find seedlings in search, and put them in the pots of pots. At this time, it is ‘peakmin’.

You can only meet peakin just by walking, and seedlings are yellow, red, and purple. In addition, peakin appears to fill the number of steps in each seedling.

■ Peakmin, a world who is waving and leaving the adventure

Peakmin Bloom is a game where you can work with peak Min and plant flowers along the way along with Peak Min. How many steps you walked in a walk and rewarded according to the number of steps, so you can’t cheat in the fast means of transportation.

In fact, it feels like a digital pet rather than a game. Do you remember Tamagochi in the past? If you don’t know, you are MZ generation.

Peakmin Bloom is not a collection of RPGs that require nurturing, reinforcing, or drawing. It is all that you can access a few times a day to send exploration to find fruits, postcards, and seedlings. It doesn’t give you enough rewards or special seedlings every time. If you walk around a special place, you can find fruits and seedlings, but you can get it as a ‘seeding search’ function once a day on the day you can’t find it.

When I started playing for a few days, when I visited my commute and new areas, the flowers planted appeared on the map. Looking at the map that turned into a flower road, you will be pleasant, but you get a new stimulus. It is because the general office workers have not been able to reach the place where they are not able to reach due to the simple movement path. Looking at the map, I explore the new road today because I think that I should walk that road and lay a flower path. I’m going to walk in the future.

** ■ Walk that leaves for spring when the smell of flowers

Peak Min, the first one, can meet a cute peakin unit filled with a screen for a few days. It is so cute to see me when the peakin, who is carefully selected, blows a whistle. After touching the whistle twice, it runs forward, and it is very lovely. If you throw a bead to the peakin, the peakin makes a flower, walks with this flower, and plantes flowers.

In order to meet someone or to meet someone, or to walk a new path, I feel like a forsythia, which tells me that the cold season is over, and I feel like I’m first facing cherry blossoms. Even if you don’t see your smartphone, the path I passed to turn into a flower path warms up. It is a peace that was not felt in MMORPG, where blood and knife were raging.

In addition to the flowers that left the traces I walked on the map, I can see the flowers left by other players. He also meets other players who do friends or peakin blums through walking together.

You can see a big big flower in every major place, but it’s hard to see it al1. I have to cooperate with others to smoke big flowers, so I find the players around me who like to plant flower. If you are solo, you are looking forward to your relationship.

If you meet the player you enjoy together, you just have to walk together. If someone walks like me, you can see the big flower around me in addition to the bright flower road.

■ Flowers bloom, memories leave, and every day is a special day

At 9 pm, it shows the path and number of walks that we moved today, and where we planted them with what kind of path we planted. If you recorded a day with three expressions about how you feel like today, and if you take a picture on your smartphone, you can save a picture that you can remember today and store it every day.

It may be a small daily photo, or AR photography, you can call a cute peak Min and take a picture together. Also, if it was a day with a special mood, it also has a simple note function, giving you the pleasure of exercising and traveling diary.

When you start peakmin bloom and you don’t have a few steps to complete the mission, you may walk more, but you can also have the feeling when you don’t want to do anything. It’s a game that will make you brightly and brightly record my day. After learning about Peakmin Bloom, I dream of traveling every day.