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Last chance: GTA San Andreas will soon fly out of the game passport

How To Fix GTA San Andreas Launch Problem PS4/PS5/Xbox
Exactly one title from the GTA Trilogy made it into the Game Pass: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition. And according to a supposed leak, it should be over in two weeks, because then one of the most popular GTA parts is leaving according to the well-known insider Wario64 Microsoft subscription service.

You should hurry up: You still want to make a few laps in San Andreas with your bike or just have a look at the remaster, you should keep you with the campaign, because you cannot easily play the game Buy to continue. The GTA Trilogy is only available as a remaster package, and the old versions were pulled out of digital traffic by rock star.

The newcomers for the Game Pass in May are already known, the departures are not yet:

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The GTA Trilogy sells extremely well

It is likely to surprise some of you after the unsuccessful and bowed start, but the GTA Trilogy is a real seller. Around ten million units are said to have been sold in February; In the meantime there are probably much more.

After the more than bumpy start of the remaster, including many bugs and performance problems, Rockstar had to hear a lot of criticism. The success of the trilogy obviously does not detract from this.

This is how the remaster looks in action:

State is now better: After all, the development team tries to make the games better. Various updates have already been published that take care of the mistakes and stability problems.

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fan prequel to San Andreas in work

GTA San Andreas leaves some questions open, especially the past of protagonist CJ. For this reason, fans of the game have launched a prequel project that is supposed to take a closer look at the background of the character. This is the elaborate mod ‘GTA 1991’, which is not yet playable at the present time.