All common tasks in Among Us

Among us challenges you to kill your friends or find the hidden impostor in your group. It’s a fun game that is to lie to your best friends and discover who is the liar. There are impostors and team members. The teammates have a set of tasks to accomplish while determining who are the impostors. The impostors are responsible for sabotaging the efforts of the teammates, either by killing enough teammates, or by sabothing vital parts of the ship. Even if the impostors have no tasks to accomplish, they must pretend to do them to avoid being detected.

ALL COMMON TASKS !!! How To Catch Impostors w Among Us Common Tasks ! Among Us Common Tasks Guide!

There are three types of tasks: municipalities, short and long. There are also visual tasks that play an animation that everyone will see. The impostors cannot accomplish tasks, including visual tasks, which makes it an easy way to determine who is an impostor and which is not. Visual tasks can be deactivated in the settings. The players will always have the task, but with the modified parameter, the animation will not be read.

Common tasks are the same for all crew members. The amount per game will vary depending on the server settings. There is only one handful of common tasks. Current tasks are:

  • Magnetic card
  • Fix the wiring
  • Insert keys
  • Scan the boarding pass

The time required to finish them varies depending on the task. Swipe card, for example, takes little or no time, if you get the right speed on the card the first time. The threads are fixed in three parts on the map.

All players have the same common task, you should therefore be able to check if an impostor does not go to the designated area or if he claims to repair the cables when it is not a task for everyone.