PS Plus: Sony pushes a bar in front of your subscription

At the moment you may not be able to extend your PS plus or PS-now subscription-at least not if you want to stack the subscription.

Sony is currently converting the PS Plus model and wants from the 22. June Introduce three subscription levels throughout Europe: Essential , Extra and Premium . We explain to you more precisely how much the models will cost and what awaits you.

In the course of the renovation, Sony has now demonstrably prevented the stacking of PS-Plus and HP-NOW subscriptions . Most likely, however, this is only a temporary measure , which is intended to prevent PS-NOW users from stacking for several years in order to save.

no more stacked from PS-Plus subscriptions-hopefully only temporary?

At the moment you can neither redeem pre-paid cards for PS Plus to stack your subscription, or extend your PS-Plus and PS-NOW subscription online while you still have a subscription. As long as your PlayStation subscription is running, you can’t extend it right now. According to users and online retailers, the whole thing is probably related to the upcoming change of the PS Plus model (source: Pushsquare).

The likely reason: The upcoming PS-Plus-Abo Premium will connect PS NOW and PS Plus. Those that currently have both subscriptions will automatically receive a premium subscription from June 22 Duration of the longer subscription. According to this announcement, economical users have started to accumulate PS-now subscriptions to get a particularly long premium subscription at the price of the current PS-now.

In a support email to a user, a Sony employee finally commented and confirmed that the extensions were deactivated-but only for a certain period of time (source: Pushsquare). Sony himself has not yet officially commented on all of this.

It is very likely that stacking your subscription will work perfectly again from June 22 – how exactly the stacking system will work with the new model has not yet been officially announced.