Today we celebrate Kirbys 30th anniversary!

It was a day as today, but from 1992, when a small pink ball reached the video game market. That’s right, it was exactly 30 years ago when _ Kirby’s Dream Land _ was released for Game Boy in Japan. In this way, today the anniversary of this beloved character is celebrated. Not only a couple of weeks ago we saw the launch of kirby and the Forgotten Land, but The community has gathered to celebrate the birthday of the creation of Masahiro Sakurai.

Masahiro Sakurai Celebrates Kirby’s 30th Anniversary

On Twitter we can find thousands of messages focused on celebrating and remembering Kirby, and all the adventures he starred. Of these, the most highlight are the illustrations created by fans, which vary in style.

“Congratulations Kirby!”

“Today is the 30th anniversary of‘ Kirby ’!

I heard that Kirby and Ephilin will eat ‘Kurumahobari’ cake in commemoration, so I came when celebrating!

Kirby, keep eating many things! ”

“Kirby 30 Anniversary!”

“Happy 30th Anniversary Kirby!”

“= 30 anniversary of Kirby’s Dream Land =

It is 27 in Japan, that means that Kirby’s Dream Land original has turned 30 years old!

The game that generated one of my favorite franchises and favorite characters being King Dede, is wild. ”

“30th anniversary of Kirby Yeahhhhhhhh.”

Congratulations, Kirby! On related issues, Kirby has won his first Emmy. Similarly, here you can check our kirby and the forgotten land.

Editor’s note:

It is incredible to think that 30 years have passed since Kirby came to our lives. Currently, I can’t think of Nintendo without this pink ball. The only thing that does not like, is that celebration events, such as the restaurant and the online concert, are not available outside Japan.