Bugsnax Guide: tips, tricks and how to catch every bugsnax

Bugsnax is an adventure game for PS5 and PS4 from Octodad’s creators: Dadliest Catch. This bizarre indie title, which was announced at the PS5 review event, is a real treat and received 7/10 in our rating.

In this bugsnax instructions , we will go through absolutely everything in the game. Here you will find tips and tricks to make it easier to get started, as well as guidelines for finding collector’s pieces and how to catch every bugsnak . This includes finding All video diaries of Lizbert as well as All trophies and how to get platinum .

Note: Although we endeavor to restrict spoilers to a minimum, please note that this guide will respond to content that you may want to learn about yourself. Continue with caution!

Bugsnax Guide: All bugsnax, collector’s items and other tasks

Bugsnax plays on Snaktooth Island. The map is divided into nine areas, eight of which are populated by the title creatures. Below we will reveal every bugsnak and how to catch them all and where you can find them. We also have guidelines and exemplary approaches to other collector’s pieces and tasks.

Bugsnax: How to catch all bugsnax and where you can find them

The following instructions all about these title -giving creatures, which are half beetles, half snake. Each part of the card has a different selection of bugsnax, and we have sketched each one of them and how to catch them all.

Bugsnax: All bugsnax and how to catch them
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax Garden Hain
Bugsnax: How to catch all bugsnax taste
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax Simmering Springs
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax boiling bay
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax burned gorge
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax sizzling sand
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax sugar forest
Bugsnax: How to capture all bugsnax frosty summit *

Bugsnax: Legendary bugsnax, so you will find the Snaxsquatch and other collector’s pieces and complete solutions

In addition to the regular bugsnax, there are special creatures to find and to perform other collectibles and tasks. Below you will find instructions on the legendary bugsnax how to find the Snaxsquatch and more.

Bugsnax: All locations of Lizberts Video Diaries
Bugsnax: How to feed and transform Grumble
Bugsnax: How to defeat all legendary bugsnax
Bugsnax: So find and scan the Snaxsquatch

Bugsnax trophy list: How to unlock all trophies and receive the platinum

As with all PlayStation games, Bugsnax has a list of trophies, including platinum. Below you will find our special trophy guidelines with details on how to get each one.

* Bugsnax: All trophies and how to get the platinum

Bugsnax Guide: Tips and tricks for beginners

Let us go through some of the basics of Bugsnax and give some general information for new players.


Here is the controller layout for bugsnax:

Bugsnax - How to Catch All 100 Bugsnax ???? Got To Catch Them All - Trophy Guide
Entrance | Plot

Left bar | move
Right stick | Tax camera
X | Jump
Quadrat | Interact / speak
Circle | Crouch
Triangle | Fed bugsnax on NPCs
L3 | sprint
R3 | Equip Snaxscope
TouchPad | Open the diary
L1 / R1 | Remove the pages in the diary
L2 | Aim with certain equipment
R2 | Photo with Snaxscope / Use certain devices

Show these sauces

In addition to the catch equipment that you unlock you, there are of course growing sauces with which you can attract certain types of bugsnax-ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, sharp sauce, chocolate, peanut butter and cheese. If you open the diary and display the bugsnax you scanned or captured, it is listed which sauces love or hate any creature, and this can make catching easier.

It is always good to have a healthy stock of every sauce, because you never know which you need. Fortunately, as soon as you discover a sauce on the island, this plant appears in Wambus ’garden in Snaxburg and basically gives you an infinite stock.

Scan everything

You play as a journalist, so it’s best to document everything, right? With a pressure on R3, pull out the Snaxscope, which is a silly name for a camera. This camera can scan things when you take pictures. This applies to bugsnax itself, but you can also scan many other objects in the world. It’s just a good exercise to scan things because you get additional information.

do not ignore the side quests

Bugsnax has a surprising number of side quests to do while finding every character. While you can usually continue the main story without playing too many of them, we advise you to complete it if you can. Not only do they contain many additional dialogues with the inhabitants of the island and fill out their characters, the side quests also lead to some rather exciting encounters. We leave it, but it is in your best interest to see and do everything that the game has to offer.

Remember to donate for Grambles Ranch

As soon as you have made Gramble to return to Snaxburg, he will open his ranch, where you can donate any bugsnax you have caught so that he can keep them as pets. Why exactly do you do that? Well, a donation to Grambles Ranch increases your inventory place, which means that you can wear more bugsnax at any time. This will definitely prove to be useful later, so we urgently want to ask you to donate whenever you can. If you fully exploit your inventory slots by donating, you will even get a trophy!

You can combine your bugsnax fishing tools

As you play through the game, you unlock a number of tools with which you can capture the title -giving creatures. It is important to remember that you can use some of them together, and in some cases this is a necessity.

For example, you can attach the Trip Shot to the buggy ball and get a mobile stumbling block that can help you with tricky bugsnax. You can also use the lunch pad to send your snak trap towards the flying bugsnax, and you can brush the buggy ball with sauce to act as bait that you can control. So it is worth experimenting.

Bugsnax can help you catch other bugsnax

Some bugsnax can be difficult to catch, but don’t forget this secret weapon: other bugsnax. Particularly aggressive creatures can attack others, which in most cases will be numb and enables them to run up and catch them in their network.

you can’t die

If you have worried about it at all, you don’t have to worry. In Bugsnax there is no way of losing or dying health. In fact, there are no fault states at all. You are sure!

You can jump into the game after the credits

Without spoiling anything, the end of Bugsnax is very final. There is a point at the end of the game that warns you and says if you accept you cannot catch bugsnax or end other side quests. However, don’t worry too much about this.

As soon as you have finished the game and roll the credits, return to the main menu. If you select your memory on the “Load game” screen, you will be invited again before this point without return so that you can continue to catch bugsnax, complete side quests and earn missing trophies.

That is enough for our large bugsnax instructions . Have you already caught them all or do you still pack Snaktooth Island? Discuss your results in the comment area below.